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Fantasy Land - Community - Get What's Mine - Chapter 1

Adjusting had been difficult for Gillian in the new world. She had never been very good in school but then, never really needed to be. She had found that a combination of acting skills and being very pretty were enough to give her an easy ride through life. When the time came to leave school, Gillian was delighted to be done with it, having achieved few pass grades.
Life outside of school started quite slowly but after appearing in various cameo and supporting roles eventually Gillian made it as an actress. Her parents were screaming for joy when they found out that their little girl would be co-starring in a new comedy called Community. It was in this role that she found her best friend, Alison Brie.
Alison was quite different to Gillian, though she was stunningly beautiful, she didn't need it to achieve her success. It was clear to Gillian that if Alison had not been an actress, she would have been just as successful. The differences stretched further, Alison was very uptight and neurotic, Gillian was much more relaxed and quite lackadaisical. Alison was very prude whereas Gillian was very easy going about sex. She had been shocked about Alison confiding in her one afternoon that she had only previously had one partner, it had been too embarrassing to relate to Alison her actual number, so she trimmed it down to eight. The look of shock on Alison's face was still enough to make Gillian blush with shame momentarily.
It was obvious then, who was thriving in the aftermath of the apocalypse of man between the two. In a world where only women remained sane and men were savage animals incapable of speech or rational thought. Most women were left to be ravaged by the inflicted, but a small percentage managed to seek refuge. Gillian and Alison managed this. Together they lived in a house with three other women of various ages. The eldest being Lisa Kudrow, most famous for playing Phoebe Buffet in a highly succesful TV series once upon a time called 'Friends'. The pair were delighted to be housed with such a celebrity, but to make matters even better, they were sharing the house with two more famous actresses; Christina Applegate and Emma Stone.
Outside of the house, the girls lived in a complex that was about 3 miles in diameter and surrounded by a huge wall circular wall. Within the complex were more houses, each containing numerous women. The houses used to be the homes of people in L.A before it was walled off, so within the complex there were many other buildings serving various functions from clothes shops to swimming pools.
After the initial trauma of losing loved ones, friends even enemies had eventually subsided, the complex had become somewhat of a paradise. Gillian and Alison would go to the beach, drink cocktails, sunbathe during the day and party during the night, usually hitting the clubs. The fact that the complex held around 4,000 women meant that every day and every night there was always a party going on. But after a few months of hard partying, a meeting was called between all the women aged 40 and over. Apparently, they had been getting aggravated by the commotion which girls like Gillian and Alison were causing, blasting loud music all day and night and getting so drunk they were throwing up and passing out in the streets. It had even been reported that there had been copious amounts of cocaine discovered.
Life was never the same after the first meeting, first came a few rules; such as clubbing only only on weekends. Then there came a drinking age restriction, which started at 21 and worked its way up to 35 in the present day, Gillian was still expecting it to get higher. And of course, there were the schools. It was decided, that every girl from the age of 19 up until 39 would have be educated through various models such as high school, college and university depending on the woman's age.
The rules however, did not stop there. It became obvious that none of the girls aged 39 and below had any interest in these laws set by women who they did not know nor respect. Therefore, it was decided that by any means necessary was it acceptable to get the girls to school. They were housed into various age groups, always with someone over 40 to be in charge. There were many attempts to try and get the girls into school, many failed, until one day, a woman over 40 who's identity was somewhat of a mystery, took another mystery girl over her knee, dropped her knickers and gave her a spanking. This mystery girl was the first girl to ever attend a school. A meeting was called. The very next morning, every single girl aged 39 and under, approximately 3000 girls, were sat in a class room by 9 o'clock, with teary eyes and a very red and sore bottom. Then it began to spiral out of control. If Gillian swore, over the knee, Gillian was late, over the knee, Gillan got a bad grade, over the knee.  The worst thing about it was, being only 25, she had fourteen years of school to endure.
So, it is obvious who would be thriving in these conditions. Alison, spent most of the lesson time with her hand in the air, constantly receiving praise and rewards for good work. There had been another meeting, it was decided that positive reinforcement was to be used in addition to negative. So Gillian, having the unfortunate privelege of sitting next to Alison, had the duty of kneeling before her during class and licking between her thighs. The teacher of course was far too busy to give out the rewards herself, but Alison had answered a question correctly, and had to be rewarded. Gillian didn't mind eating Alison out, but there had to be some reciprocation. Today Gillian had had enough and asked Alison to let her answer a question so someone could lick her out instead, but Alison informed her from her high horse that that would be cheating. Alison didn't know it, but Gillian was furious.

At home, the pair were working on their homework that had just been set, Lisa was very strict about when they should complete their work. Gillian was struggling with her work and it was annoying
to see how easily Alison was doing hers. Careful not to attract the attention of Lisa who was sitting to her left in an armchair, Gillian began to steal glances at Alison's book as she scrawled furiously. It looked as though Gillian were about to be able to scrape a passable grade, but there was one bit the she couldn't see. Alison had closed her notebook and placed it on the other side of her to Gillian, and was reading a text book. Gillian had no choice but to lean over.
'I'm just borrowing a pen.' Gillian whispered at the frustrated Alison. Gillian watched as Alison peered back down at her book. Gillian opened her notebook and saw the answer. Alison remained silent. She had gotten away with it.

'I'm finished Mrs Kudrow.' Gillian remarked proudly.
'Already?' Lisa replied skeptically.
'Yes, look.' Gillian showed her the completed pages. Alison looked taken aback.
'I'm going to look through this Gillian and if I find out you've just scribbled random answers again, you'll be in trouble missy.' Lisa threatened sternly.
'I swear it's done.' Gillian replied.
'Ok then,' Lisa replied. 'The pair of you go and get changed then, and we'll go to the pool.'
The girls ascended the stairs.
'Did you write random answers down?' Alison whispered judgingly.
'No!' Gillian whispered back, 'how dare you.'

'I didn't..' Alison struggled to defend herself. 'I didn't mean.'
'Of course you didn't.' Gillian snapped back, slamming her door in Alison's face. Hanging up her jacket on the door, she glanced at the mirror hanging from it, and stared at herself with a proud satisfying smile looking back. she placed her hands on the bottom of her shirt and lifted it over her head. Then, still watching herself in the mirror,she unbuckled her jeans and bending down, pulled them off. She twisted left to right and she admired herself in her white lingerie. She felt so aroused. It had been months since she'd had an orgasm. She decided, that it was time that Alison pleasured her for a change.
As the door closed shut quietly behind her, Alison gasped slightly.
'What are you doing?' Alison whispered, you scared me.'
Alison had was bear from the waste down apart from her stockings. She covered herself with her hands as she spoke.
'Gillian! I'm naked, you need to get out.' Alison whispered.
She didn't leave, instead she marched over to Alison and grabbed her by the back of hair.
'It's your turn to lick me.'
'No!' Alison whispered. 'No, I won't, you can't make me.' Gillian pushed her back on the bed and climbed on herself, Alison began to crawl away but Gillian grabbed her. Alison was on all fours, her bottom presented to Gillian. If she wasn;t going to lick her out, then she was getting a spanking.
She smacked her backside.
'Ow!' Alison whispered. Then another struck and another. 'Ow, Gillian! Stop!'
'No, I'm sick of you always making me lick you out in class, it's my turn. And if you won't do it, then your getting a spanking.'
Gillian spanked her for a couple of minutes, during which time, Alison tried to be as silent as possible to avoid being over heard. But much to her dismay, the door opened.
'What's going on!?' Lisa yelled.
'She's spanking me!' Alison screamed.
'I can see that.'
'She deserved it.'
'No I didn't!' Alison cried.
'Gillian what on earth do you think you're doing?'
'Both of you, downstairs.' Lisa demanded as she left the room.
'You're in trouble now.' Alison snarled as she pulled her knickers on.
'Yeah well, you're gonna lick me out whether you like it or not, I don't care if she spanks me, I get spanked all the time.'

'I was coming upstairs,' Lisa began, angrily in the living room, 'to inform you that both of your homeworks were good enough and I was going to reward you, but after seeing that I'm not sure you deserve one.'
'But I...' Alison began.
'Shut up,' Lisa shouted instantly, 'instead, now I'm going to have to punish you and we can't go to the pool, which I was looking forward to.'
'Alison, I said shut up!.'
'Oh!' Alison shouted, stomping her feet.
'Right, If you two want to spank each other so much, Gillian, spank her.'
'What?' Gillian asked skeptically, but eagerly.
'Spank her, NOW!' Lisa yelled.
Alison was shocked, Gillian was too but also very aroused.
'No!' Alison shouted, 'you can't do this to me.'
'Oh yes I can and you're going to do it to her afterwards.' Gillian's smirk was wiped off her face.
'No, don't!' Gillan begged.
'What are you waiting for?' Lisa growled.
Gillian grabbed at Alisons wrist, she allowed her to grasp it. History had shown her that if Lisa wanted a spanking, a spanking would happen. Even if this one was by Gillian it was pointless fighting it. Alison found herself laid over Gillians knee.

It wasn't that bad anyway, Gillian didn't spank nearly as hard as Lisa, it wasn't far off being enjoyable.
But as if she had read her mind, Lisa spoke handed Gillian a hair brush.
The first one landed, Alison was taken back by it, then landed the second.
Tears began to fill her eyes immediately. Even over the knickers it was still painful.
Alison wriggled and screamed and kicked but Gillian held her down whilst Lisa watched. Alison kept her eyes focused on Lisa's face, waiting for the lips to move to put an end to the spanking.
It didn't come though, Gillian repeatedly spanked her bottom with the brush, she could feel it burning. Tears streamed down her face, why was she being subjected to this? Was she not the victim here?
Alison was sure that Gillian was enjoying this, she was certain of it.
She was doing it harder and harder.
When it seemed like the spanking was becoming unbearably hard Lisa finally stopped her.

'That'll do Gillian, now get up both of you.'
Alison struggled to her feet, holding her sore bottom. She was so angry with Gillian. Was it Alison's fault that she was so much cleverer than her? No it wasn't. Just because Alison was doing well in school and Gillian wasn't. Had she not just allowed her to copy her work? Surely Gillian wasn't so stupid that she didn't know Alison knew.
'Now it's your turn Gillian.'
'No!' Gillian yelled.

'I'm going to love this!' Alison shouted as she grabbed her hand. Gillian tried to fight her off, but
Alison was too enraged to be fended off, she pinned her down to the floor and turned her onto her front, she then smacked her bottom with her hand several times, but she couldn't hit her hard enough to get the desired response from Gillian, who merely moaned slightly.
Lisa, coming to the rescue once more, handed Alison the hair brush. Grabbing it she got to her feet and pulled Gillian over knee as she sat down on the sofa.
Alison began to spank Gillian just as hard as she she had done to her. Gillian didn't cry though, she had been spanked far more times than Alison, this was nothing to her.
Every now and then, when Alison managed to give her a hard smack, or when it just landed in the right way, Gillian yelped.
Alison didn't notice though, she was concentrating far too much on the bit of flesh beneath her, trying to get it as pink as she possibly could.
Being the neurotic girl that she was, she had developed a system for spanking her her, equally proportioning the smacks around her bottom, so that it was an even shade of pink. When Lisa intervened moments later, Alison was disappointed, but after she handed her a ping pong bat, she was happy that she could continue.
Gillian looked back at Alison with a pleading glance. Alison laughed it off and started again.
In her mind, she was secretly lecturing Gillian, this will teach you to mess with me, the next time you try that, this is what will happen. She didn't dare do it front of Lisa though. After a few more minutes Lisa stopped her. Both of the girls, furious with each other, were at least relieved that the spankings were over. They stood and held their bottoms while they awaited further instruction.
'I'm still angry that we can't go to the pool today because you don't deserve it.' Lisa said bluntly.
She then grabbed them each by the ear and dragged them upstairs and into Gillian's bedroom, she released Gillian, who clambered onto her bed to escape Lisa. But Lisa pursued her, grabbing her legs on as she struggled on the bed. Lisa reached up and ripped off her knickers, throwing them away, the rolled her over and unclipped her bra. Lisa then spotted Alison trying to run out of the room, she grabbed her arm and pulled out a chair from under Gillian's desk and placed it next to the bed, sitting down, pulling her over knee.
She then pulled off her knickers bra and started to spank her already sore bottom.
Gillian clambered on all fours and crawled into the corner of her room on the bed, trying to get as far away as she could while she winced every time Lisa spanked Alison.
Her friend was begging Lisa to stop, swearing that she would behave and that she would never do it again. Though, Gillian wasn't sure what Alison had even done wrong, it had been all Gillian's doing. Which made her even more petrified when Lisa threw Alison away and advanced on her.
 This time, Gillian was feeling the spanking, she quickly began to cry and shout and scream. Lisa had noticed the Gillian was tougher than Alison, so she had grabbed Gillian's hairbrush to use instead. She whacked her bottom as hard as she could manage.
Gillian too began to beg, plead and promise, only this time she knew what she was being punished for. She would never spank Alison again, and she would not try to force her to lick her out. It wasn't worth it, nothing was worth this.

As she stood in the corner with her arms locked behind her head, elbows pointing away from each other, she made some choices. Instead of blaming Alison for doing well, she was going to work harder and try and avoid being spanked. For all the fight in her just wasn't working any more, being a rebel, it was too red and sore a path to take now. No, now Gillian was to become a book worm, a good two shoes a little miss know it all. She thought about Alison, she hated her now. She desperately wanted to spank her, but she knew that it could never happen again. The best she could do is outdo her in school and enjoy it if she ever got spanked again.

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