Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Endart Fiction - Bath Time

Bath Time 

Celebrity Cast

Sophia Bush

Angelina Jolie 

Ellie Goulding


Feeling quite worn out after a long day, Sophia released an elongated sigh as she hung up her towel on the hook of the bathroom door left slightly ajar. Sophia didn’t possess a key to lock the door and shutting it completely often did more harm than good in the battle to stop people coming in, at least people could hear it was occupied. To Sophia there wasn’t much more annoying than constantly hearing the door open and people apologising. She wanted peace.
She let her robe fall to the floor and skipped towards the shower, singing softly. It was a song she heard the night before at an open mic night they had sneaked in to. It had been worth it, the one song they had managed to hear before having to make a quick exit was by an English girl, Sophia couldn’t remember her name but the words remained. Sophia tried to picture her.
‘I hope you don’t mind, I hope you don’t mind that I put down in words, how wonderful life is, now you’re in the world.’ Sophia sang as she turned on the shower and stepped back from it. She had felt goose pimples, her hair had stood on end followed by the inevitable shiver down her spine. All three reactions that only come when you witness something truly magical and Sophia had, she desperately wanted to meet the singer. As she lay down in the bath, resting her head between the faucets as water poured down on her naked body, she closed her eyes and tried to picture the singer again.
They were back in the bar and she was singing again but this time, it was just the two of them. Sophia stared open mouthed as she saw the singer’s blonde hair, she tried to see her breasts but they were covered by her guitar. Sophia walked over to the girl ran her fingers through her hair, the girl smiled at her, she stopped singing but the words could still be heard in the background. Sophia leaned in and kissed her, she kissed back in a long and passionate embrace. Sophia lifted the guitar and strap over the blonde’s head and placed it gently on the ground. As she did, the girl placed her hand on Sophia’s naked body, running it down her back, over her bottom, between her thighs, inside of her. She straightened up and turned to face her, moving backwards onto a bed just behind them, falling, dragging her with her. As they lay together, tongues connecting, Sophia lay with her legs wide open, allowing the singer to push her fingers inside her, Sophia returned the favour. Sophia lay with her eyes closed and leant her head back, moaning at her touch, listening to her voice in the background.

Hey eyes snapped open; the image was at first blurry but then came into focus; standing beside the bathtub was Angelina.
‘Just what do you think you’re doing?’ Angelina roared.
‘Just taking a shower Mrs Jolie,’ Sophia blushed, trying to cover herself, ‘why didn’t you knock? You knew I was in here.’
‘Don’t be ridiculous, I’ve seen you naked a thousand times.’
‘That doesn’t mean I’m comfortable with it.’
‘Well I’m not comfortable with you masturbating in my bathtub.’
‘I...I wasn’t.’
‘Sophia, do not lie to me.’
‘I...I’m not.’
‘I’ve been standing here for longer than you think and I’ve seen more than I wanted.’
‘Get out of the tub.’ Angeline ordered as she disappeared behind the shower curtain. Sophia meekly got to her feet and turned the shower off but was reluctant to step out of the bath without a towel. Instead she just stood, waited and hoped that Angelina would. Suddenly the curtain was flung aside and Sophia saw Angelina in a flash grab at her, she felt herself fall down, before she even knew what was going on she felt a great pain coming from her bottom. She looked down and saw the floor; she felt the uncomfortable and unmistakeable feel of Angelina’s knees pushing against her stomach. She looked back, her face portraying a look of horror as she saw that she was wielding a long handled brush. The look quickly shifted, as the sound of the brush connecting with her bottom once more echoed around the bathroom.
‘My bathtub is for cleaning yourself is that understood?’
‘Yes Mrs Jolie!’
‘It is not for masturbating in.’
‘Yes Mrs Jolie.’
‘While we’re on the subject,’ said Angelina and continued to smack her bottom with the brush, ‘I don’t want you masturbating at all.’
‘Yes Mrs Jolie!’
‘Not in your bedroom,’
‘Not in the living room,’
‘Not in the kitchen,’
‘Not anywhere,’
‘Is that understood?’
‘Yes Mrs Jolie!’ Sophia cried out once again, her bottom was on fire, it was the worst spanking she had ever had, and something about her bottom being wet seemed to make it sting even more...and that brush.  She had never felt anything like it, every time it landed on her butt Sophia didn’t think she could take another one and then another came, she had long given up the fight of holding back the tears.
Finally the rain of smacks to her bottom came to a halt and Sophia lay motionless across her lap in the silence. All she could think about was how much the humidity was making her bottom sting even more. After a minute, overcome with curiosity, she peered back to see Angelina staring at her.
‘What do you have to say for yourself?’
‘I’m sorry.’
‘Are you going to do it again?’
‘No maam.’
‘Go to your room.’
 Sophia didn’t need asking twice, she practically jumped to her feet and ran out of the bathroom, down the hall and gently closed her bedroom door. She ran up to the mirror, quickly spun and caught sight of her pink bottom. She winced as she touched it and once again as she got into her bed. She leaned onto her side and arranged the quilt so her bottom was hanging out in the open. She closed her eyes and as she began to picture the girl from the bar once more, her hand began to slide down her body.

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