Monday, 3 March 2014

Top 5 Spanking Models

Top 5 Spankee's

5) Carolyn Reese
Carolyn has been on the circuit for years and hopefully many more to come. She has all the beauty at her behest to make a claim for number one and deservedly so, however, her only downside and yet a big enough reason for only coming in fifth is her usually motionless participation. It may not be the view of some but the position taken here is that lifeless spankings can be very dull and yawning whilst watching a spanking movie isn't really a desirable outcome.

4) Amy Hunter

Like Carolyn, where Amy is concerned it's hard to find much wrong, great looking and a great figure to match, a delight to watch. She is guilty of being rather quiet during her spankings though which can effect the enjoyability of the video. What puts Amy slightly ahead apart from youth is her tendency to endure less tame spankings than Carolyn, producing a lovely shade of pink.

 3) Samantha Woodley

With Samantha seeming to have been in more videos than I can count, it might be appropriate to refer to her as somewhat of a veteran of the spanking world. She possesses fantastic looks and a great figure to match, with an ass that the camera adores. However, Samantha likes to play the brat during her videos, acting often like a young child, which works quite well for some people and not so much for others. You might refer to it as the marmite of play acting.

2) Amber Pixie Wells

Amber has a lot of thing's going for her, gorgeous, great figure but a truly deal clinching feature that's appreciated at least by me, is that her ass turns pink like no other. It's always a bit off putting when you've just witnessed a ten minute spanking and the girl's butt seems paler than before they started but with Amber, you can tell she's been spanked even if you're a mile away and you've forgotten your glasses.

1) Amelia Rutherford

While all the other listed girls are great, it is the opinion of this top 5 that Amelia just has that little bit extra.
The dialogue's consistent with her spanking video's are often very enjoyable, aided most certainly by her accent. She seems to use this ability brilliantly by inadvertently provoking the spanker, which only adds to the believability of her videos.
Amelia is also one of, if not the, best looking spankee models in the business as far as i'm concerned, with an unbelievable ass.
So the small honour of being Dirty Fabrications number one spankee goes to Amelia for her all round brilliance. 

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