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The Parole Officer 1 + 2

Chapter 1

Josh was late as usual, why he was always late, nobody knew. He always had time to style his medium length blonde hair, his suits were always neatly pressed and his beard was always trimmed to perfected stubble. His towering body of over six feet was stacked with muscles and his face looked ten years younger than the thirty he had lived.  He walked through the room with an air of superiority and a few of the disgruntled co-workers secretly questioned whether this was a just manner of conduct. As late as he was, there was no way he could have known the news that had gripped the entire office for the past hour and a half. He didn’t even bother to look at the bulletin board which every pair of eyes within the vicinity had already stared at; he just stood up on a stool holding a statuesque pose. The annual stats were up and Josh already knew he had won employee of the month. How could he not? It was no secret that Josh got his pick and the rest were left to try and help rehabilitate the sorry bunch he had left behind. Nobody knew how for sure, though they suspected he was blackmailing someone of powerful means. Josh worked as a rehabilitation officer for the newly founded North Leeds Correctional Facility in a programme which was a trial facility formed by the current Head of Corrections. The sole aim of this particular center was to rehabilitate women found guilty of a minor crimes, either after or instead of prison. 
Josh had quickly risen to the top, it had been over a eight months since he had failed to rehabilitate a prisoner, since then, not one crime had been committed by anyone under his guidance. A decent man would have accepted this recognition with modesty in respect for his hard working co-workers but it should come as no shock at all that Josh strutted around the room for a good ten minutes shouting his own praises. 
Across the room, behind a large glass window, partially open shades and a large desk was Natasha; a well educated, attractive blonde sat with her chin rested upon her palm as she stared a hole through her nemesis.
‘I am what is known as a living legend and you could all learn from me.’
There was no time for anyone to respond to this claim, for the sound that emitted from the stationary colliding with the window turned everyone’s head in shock as they caught a glimpse of Natasha disappearing behind closing shades. This brought laughter. For within the walls of the Parole Office, there was one thing more despised than the success of Josh and that was the devil woman behind the glass.
‘What a bitch,’ Josh proclaimed.
‘I’d give my right ball to smash her back doors in,’ replied Dan, ‘she fucking needs it.’
‘She needs more than a good ramming,’ Josh rebutted, ‘I’ll tan her hide good and proper one of these days.’
The room was filled with sighs and chuckles of doubt.
‘You don’t think I would?’
‘I don’t know how you do what you do Josh but if you laid a hand on that woman, it would be the end of you.’ Christine remarked, filing her nails. 
Josh looked at Christine with contempt, the only woman in the office worth fucking with the exception of Natasha.
‘I bet you a £1000 I spank her by the end of the week.’
‘I don’t have a £1000 to bet.’
‘Because you know that I will do it.’
‘I think betting me will make you do it just to spite me because that’s what kind of man you are.’
‘Fine then, don’t bet me, I’ll still do it anyway and after I’m done maybe I’ll give you one too.’
‘You're a chauvinistic pig.’ Christine replied as she tried to shield her blushing.
‘I’m joking Christine,' Josh assured her, 'I wouldn’t touch you if you paid me.’
Josh stared at her firm butt as it waggled furiously disappearing behind a slamming door.
‘She’ll kill you for that,’ Dan warned him.
‘No she won’t,’ Josh objected calmly, sitting down in his office chair parallel to Dan’s cubicle. ‘She will spread her legs and beg me to fuck her.’
Josh put his feet up on his desk, his hands behind his head and closed his eyes, smiling.
‘You’re so sure of yourself aren’t you?’
‘When you look like this Dan, it’s hard not to be.’
An elderly woman approached them carrying a stack of papers; Josh winked at her and grabbed his cock.
‘You’re a foul mouthed idiot Joshua and I hope that one day you get what is coming to you,’ shouted the irate secretary as she slammed some papers on Dan's desk.
Josh slapped her backside as she walked away, she screamed and ran to her desk.
‘She’s right you know,’ Dan whispered. ‘You can’t go on like this forever, I don’t know who’s protecting you, but one of these days you’ll go too far and no will be able to save you.’
‘Then I’d better make the most of it while I can.’
“...My office Josh...Now...” Natasha’s voice hissed through the intercom.
‘I wonder what the bitch wants.’ Dan asked curiously.
‘Maybe she wants to congratulate me,’ Josh joked as he walked backwards gesturing a blowjob, as he turned around to face her office, he saw her watching him from behind the blinds, he carried on with the gesture, she turned and walked to her desk. 
He opened the door.
‘Shut the door and sit down.’
‘Yes Sir,’ Josh replied sitting on the edge of her desk.
‘How many times do I have to tell you not to call me Sir?’ Natasha shouted getting up to shut the door he had left open.
‘At least another fifty times, and then I’ll start calling you bimbo.’
‘You wouldn’t dare.’ Natasha growled sitting at her desk.
‘Of course I would,’ Josh replied, picking up a large ruler. ‘It is only what you are.’
‘Don’t you dare insult me,’ Natasha yelled.
‘Look,’ Josh pointed to her hair with the ruler, touching her head. ‘You have long blonde bimbo hair.’
He moved the ruler down her body.
‘You have big bimbo tits.'
He slid the ruler down her belly.
‘And a bimbo pussy too, neatly shaved but positively gaping.’
‘I swear to God Josh, I will get you fired if it’s the last thing I do.’
‘I’ll tell you what bimbo, if you get down on your knee’s now and suck me dry I will leave now and never come back.’
‘Don’t be ridiculous, you awful, awful man.’ Natasha replied sitting back down.
‘It’s not ridiculous. Imagine it; the office without me. I could be gone and all you have to do is do what you probably do all the time anyway.’
Josh got up from the desk and walked towards the window, closing the blinds away from the eyes of the watchful co-workers. He slowly walked around the desk till his thighs were pressing against her shoulder. She looked up at him in disgust, he smiled at her and unzipped his pants, pulling his large erect cock out inches away from her mouth.
She hesitated and then parted her lips. A kind and gentle man might have slowly guided his cock into her mouth, but as we know, Josh wasn’t a kind and gentle man. He thrust his cock hard down her throat and held her head still. He put a foot up on her chair to allow himself to thrust down into her mouth, she moaned as he ripped open her blouse freeing her breasts as he drilled her mouth. She didn’t protest, she didn’t complain, he felt her tongue sliding around his shaft as he fucked her. He knew she would love it, she always did. A few minutes later he withdrew his cock from her mouth and came over her face and tits.
‘You bastard,’ she complained. ‘Why do you always have to cum on me?’
‘You love it you slut.’
She began to wipe herself down with the tissues from her desk as he put away his dick.
‘Will you pack your things yourself or would you like them sent to you?’ Natasha asked bitterly.
‘Oh, but you forgot one thing, ‘Josh replied as he approached the door and looked back, ‘you never got down on your knees.’
As he closed the door behind him, there was another loud bang on the window except this time, the window cracked slightly and everyone could hear Natasha screaming from her office.
'If you ever had a chance to see Natasha's tits, now would be the time.' Josh stated audibly to the entire room. 
Dan immediately leapt to his feet and strode across the room, Natasha's secretary made a feeble attempt at stopping him but she didn't really care. None of them did, Natasha was a nightmare to work for. Since she had been put in charge she had doubled their hours and halved their pay among many other things she had taken away from them. She treated her secretary with disdain, she treated her like she was a slave.
'GET OUT,' Natasha's voice screamed from her office, as the door shut behind Dan her voice fading away slightly, she could still be heard faintly through the crack in the door.
'That's a cracking pair of tits,' Dan exclaimed beaming from ear to ear.
Natasha's secretary got up immediately and entered the office, closing the door behind her.
Josh caught Dean's eyes, and sighed.
'I know, I know...I'll pay for that.'

Chapter 2

‘You don’t understand Harold; the man is an absolute nightmare. He has no respect for anyone.’ Natasha implored taking the menu from their waiter.
Harold opened his menu and frowned, Natasha knew that he was looking at the prices and she hoped it was very expensive. Harold was a tall, thin man and very average looking. He had an off putting mustache that made him look ridiculous but it suited his personality.  She despised him. One evening, two years ago to that very night she had drunkenly slept with him after meeting him at a work function and since that day he had been obsessed with her. He had called her up the previous night that had followed her incident with Josh, begging her to come out with her to celebrate the two year anniversary of their sleeping together. The year before she had rejected his invitation, but this year, she needed the detective to get rid of Josh and of course he was paying. He had wanted to go to a cheap restaurant but she had insisted. She scoured the wine list.
‘I will take the most expensive bottle of red.’ Natasha ordered the waiter.
Harold motioned for the waiter to come to him.
‘Make that the cheapest young man,’ Harold whispered. ‘And I’ll put in a good tip for you.’
The waiter nodded and walked away.
‘So, will you help me?’ Natasha asked through gritted teeth.
‘How can I help you?’ Harold sighed, ‘all you have told me is that he is rude and ill mannered in the work place, just fire him and be done with it.’
‘Don’t you think I have tried Harold?’ Natasha hissed, ‘I have tried to fire him several times and each time I receive a phone call from my boss shouting at me and ordering me to reinstate him.’
‘Are you suggesting your boss is friends with this man?’
‘No, I get the impression it’s not his decision Harold.’
‘I still don’t see what you want me to do. If there are signs of foul play maybe I could investigate him, but I would need more evidence before I commit any man power to looking into him. Unless...’
Harold paused for a moment.
‘Unless what Harold?’ Natasha hissed suspiciously.
‘Unless ...we could come to some other arrangement.’
Natasha stared repugnantly as the saliva gathering around the edges of his mouth and his wandering eyes.
‘No Harold, how many times do I have to tell you, it was a one time thing.’
‘I’m sorry you feel that way my dear,’ Harold sighed sadly leaning back in his chair, ‘we could have had something special you and I.’
‘Your wine Sir,’ The waiter extended the bottle to Harold who took it, and poured it into his glass. The waiter stared for a moment, expectantly. 
‘That will be all, we may not require food.’
‘You promised me dinner Harold, you told me you would pay If I came.’
‘You shouldn’t have taken sex off the table so early then should you?’
‘I am not a whore Harold, I do not need money. I could have any man here I wished because I am beautiful, you are lucky I said yes.’
‘You are a beauty, it’s true,’ Harold replied between sips, ‘so I’m sure you can understand my disappointment that I will never bed you again.’
‘If you do this for me, I will put sex back on the table.’
‘No you won’t.’ Harold replied sceptically but with a glimmer of hope in his eyes.
Natasha ignored him for a moment, her eyes distracted by an attractive black woman entering the restaurant, her party escorted to another part of the floor.
‘That woman,’ Natasha interrupted, ‘who is she?’
‘That is her honour, Judge Aisha Daniels, hard but fair and not to be trifled with. Why do you ask?’
‘I’ve seen her with Josh.’
‘If you’re implying what I think you are, she would certainly have the power to give Josh certain job securities.’
‘Then you must surely want to investigate their relationship?’
‘If you can give me a little more than hearsay of their relationship, I will look into them, until then, you’re on your own,’ Harold got of his chair, ‘I’m leaving, don’t contact me again unless you have something for me, be it evidence or you I don’t care.’
Harold left, leaving Natasha alone at the table, she cursed him.
‘Will the lady be requiring any food tonight?’ The waiter asked, sneaking up behind her.
‘No, I think not actually, I will be leaving.’
‘I shall bring you the bill Madame,’
‘Wait, I don’t actually have any money,’ Natasha whispered.
‘Of course you don’t have any money.’ The waiter replied audibly.
‘I thought he was going to pay,’ Natasha protested quietly.
‘Of course you did Madame, perhaps you would care to pay in another manner?’
‘How dare you suggest something like that,’ Natasha yelled, ‘I demand to see the manager.’
‘If the duty of washing plates is beneath you Madame, I’m sure my manager will not mind notifying the police.’
‘Oh, I see,’ Natasha replied blushing, ‘I don’t really want to wash plates, perhaps there is some other way? How much was the wine anyway?’
‘The wine was £300, and what other way would that be Madame?’ The waiter whispered bending low.
‘Is there somewhere...quiet we can go?’
‘Follow me Madame.’
The waiter led them out of the main floor of the restaurant and through a corridor, towards the end he stopped and opened a door, much to Natasha’s disgust, on the other side was a broom closet. The waiter turned on the light and closed the door, turning to face her.
‘Take off your dress,’ the waiter demanded. Natasha obeyed, sliding the straps from her shoulders, and pushing it down past her waist onto the floor. He grabbed her shoulders and spun her away from him, unclipping her bra he spun her back to face him, gawping at her tits.
‘Magnifique,’ he remarked, grabbing one and squeezing it with his left hand as he unbuckled his trousers, ‘now, take off your pants.’
Natasha grabbed at the side’s of her lingerie and bent forwards to slide them down her legs, as she reached the bottom, the waiter grabbed her head and positioned his cock beneath her, and eased it into her mouth. Gently he slowly began to walk forwards, while she sucked his cock until she reached the wall, she slid down to the floor, sitting upright. He grabbed her head and fucked her mouth. He stared down buoyantly as her tits bounced up and down as he thrust his cock down her throat. She grabbed onto his buttocks with each hand, and fell limp as she allowed him to fuck her. When he was about to cum he withdrew his cock and waited.
‘That was only worth £50, you still have £250 left to pay,’
‘Just do what you must and be done with it,’ Natasha complained, wiping her mouth.
‘Let me see,’ the waiter assessed her body. ‘Your pussy, is probably worth a hundred and fifty, a tit wank would be around £50 and I could finish it off with a blowjob?’
‘Whatever, just be done with it.’ Natasha growled.
‘Or, I could just fuck you in the ass and as soon as I cum, the debt is paid?’
‘You want me to fuck you in the ass, whore?’
‘Yes, fine, get it over with.’
The waiter picked her up by her waist and held her against the wall facing him, he motioned as if to kiss her and then spun her around so her breasts were pushed up against the wall. He spread her ass cheeks, and positioned his cock at the hole, and gently pushed inside her.
‘I knew, when I first saw you, I said to one of the other waiters, this woman, she takes it in the ass.’
‘That’s just great.’
The waiters cock was fully inside her now, and he began to roughly thrust it deep within her. He grabbed hold of her breasts from behind, and drove his cock back and forth inside her ass.
The door opened.
‘What is the meaning of this?’ A commanding voice bellowed from outside.
‘Father,’ the son protested as his cock lay motionless within Natasha. ‘I...she...’
‘Get out of my sight,’ the older man roared, the waiter withdrew his cock from her gaping hole and pulled up his trousers, running out of the broom cupboard. ‘You will have to forgive my son, he is a man whore.’
Natasha made quick attempts to cover herself up.
‘It is my understanding that you have not paid your bill?’
‘Yes, I’m very sorry Sir; your son offered me another arrangement...’
‘I see,’ the man replied, deep in thought, ‘...the problem is, this is my restaurant, not my sons so you have just paid the wrong man.’
Natasha didn’t say anything, she didn’t want to have sex again, she didn’t want to the first time.
‘I have more honour than my son, I would not expect a lady to pay using sex,’ the owner explained, as he took off his belt, ‘I would expect a lady to be able to pay however and thus you must be punished.’
‘No, what?’ Natasha protested as the owner grabbed her waist and pushed her over his knee as he stood, 'what are you doing?’
‘I want you to count each one, I will finish at ten.’
She heard the sound of the belt flying down, then felt a sharp pain on her right butt cheek.
‘Ow,’ she screamed, ‘get off me.’
‘That was the first one, you forgot to count, we’ll try again.’
He brought the belt down once more across her right cheek, in the very same place, she felt her bottom burning.
‘Ow, one!’ She yelled.
‘The next time you enter my establishment...’
‘ will bring money...’
‘Oh dear God it hurts! Three!’
‘Is that understood?’
‘Yes! Four!’
‘And you will never...
‘Sell yourself...’
‘Is that understood?’
‘Eight! Yes!’
The owner released her, and she quickly began to dress herself. When she was fully covered she hastened to leave but the owner blocked her.
‘And now, you will follow me to the kitchen where you will spend the rest of the evening pot washing.’
‘Yes...’Natasha sobbed, holding her sore bottom, ‘...Sir.’

Chapter 3

Josh stared down at the beautiful caramel figure and smiled before swinging his strap down across its bottom. The tough skin rippled beneath the leather and it let out a muffled cry from behind the ball gag. Its joints strained against the straps securing it tightly in place to the padded bench. 
Josh stepped behind it and placed the tip of the strap next to its inner right knee, slowly sliding it up the thigh. He watched it shiver as he glided it up its leg. As his glare advanced upwards, circular piece of rubber came into sight protruding from its butt hole and beneath it its pussy dripped from neglect. He swung the strap once more and striking across its bottom, a much darker shade than the rest of her body. 
‘Oh you needed this so badly didn’t you Aisha, you slut.’
The woman responded with a prolonged moan behind her gag, he stepped to her face and removed it. 
‘Yes Sir, please don’t stop.’
Josh placed the gag back in her mouth and smacked her across the bottom three successive times, she shook in her straps rapidly after each one, letting out loud muffled cries. 
Josh placed down the device on top of her sore bottom, taking hold of the lining of his football shorts. His erect cock exploded out into the open as he yanked them down and knelt down behind his plaything. He grabbed hold of either side of her stomach and drove his cock deep inside her, sliding his long shaft slid in with ease. He rocked back and driving it further within, she moaned slowly as his thighs slapped against her stinging bottom. 
‘Oh you are such a naughty little slut.’ 
Josh picked up the paddle balancing on her bubbly burgundy bottom and struck her firmly across her right cheek as he thrust himself deep inside her. He concentrated on delivering alternate smacks to her bottom after every thrust of his hips. Pain for every pleasure he gave her. Fully in the moment, he placed down the paddle and grabbed hold of her bottom, feeling himself closer and closer to climaxing, he increased his pace, until he was ready to explode.
A knock on the door disturbed him.
‘For fucks sake.’
‘Mmmmph’ She complained as he pulled out his cock.
‘Shut up slut.’
Josh got up and pulled on his shorts, disguising his erection by tucking it into his waistband and pulling a t shirt on to cover it. He came out of his bedroom closing the door behind him. He walked over to his apartment door and peered through the hole. 
‘You’re late!’ Josh shouted opening the door furiously.
‘Yeah, what you gonna do.’
‘What do you mean? You’re two hours late to your first parole meeting.’
Josh stared furiously at the inconceivable teenager stood before him. The nineteen year old brunette was something Josh had never even seen before him. How could she have the audacity to turn up two hours late to a meeting dressed in light blue shorts and a white bra-less tank top. He looked at her stood hip cocked with her arms on either side staring a hole through him. This girl had an attitude problem, Josh hadn’t had time to read her file but whatever the reason for it was, he knew exactly how to solve it. 
‘I mean, big whoop, doesn’t matter, let’s get this over with.’ She sighed, barging past him into his flat. 
Josh closed the door in an elongated manner, trying to replay what had just happened. He composed himself and turned round to see her naked from the waist up, with a cheeky smile on her face.
‘What do you think you’re doing?’ Josh asked, staring at her large breasts partially covered by her long dangling hair. 
‘I know how this works, I do something for you and you do something for me. Now come and sit down over here and let me blow your mind.’
Josh didn’t hesitate.
‘That’s it, now let me pull these down.’ She whispered sexily, Josh fell back bottomless and took of his shirt.
He laid back and closed his eyes as he felt the warmth of her mouth enclosed around his cock. Her hand gripped around the base of his shaft, he looked down as she slid her tongue up, down and around his cock. Tugging on it slightly, she flicked her tongue around his head so he gripped the armrests of his leather chair. 
Josh knew he had to deal with this girl but she gave an amazing blow job, he couldn’t stop her and he never turned down a blow job from a hot girl. 
His muscles tensed uncontrollably as her lips devoured his entire shaft, wrapped tightly around the base of his cock. As she slowly slid them back up to the tip, she started tugging rapidly on his cock as it came into view, before moving her hand and quickly dropping her lips down to the base. 
Josh leaned forward and grabbed her hair, she looked up at him, her eyes staring right into his as she raised her lips up his cock again. She took him in her hand and tugged roughly, while flicking her tongue around his tip. He shuffled in his seat, his hips involuntarily thrusting forward, he shoved his cock deeper into her mouth and leaned back, shooting his load into her mouth. She pushed him away somewhat, and the last of his cum squirted onto her face and tits. 
‘You bastard, you could of warned me.’
Josh didn’t reply, he tried to catch his breath. He smiled to himself at the sight of her knelt before him, his cum covering her tits and face. She did not look happy. She was about to be even angrier.
‘Fuck, I hate the taste of cum. Eurrghh.’ She spat it out on the floor.
Josh stood up instantly and grabbed her arm, lifting her to her feet. 
‘Get off me.’
He walked her over to his dining area and grabbed a chair, spinning it round. 
‘Hey get the fuck off me.’
Josh sat down and pulled her struggling body down over his knee.
‘What the fuck, don’t you dare, I swear to God, if you even dare!’
Josh pulled down her shorts and thong and smacked her bottom as hard as he could. She shot her arm back to block another but he grabbed it with his left hand and pinned it to her back. He smacked her bottom again and again. 
‘AAHH get the hell off me! What do you think you’re doing!?’ She roared as he tanned her backside.
‘Not only.. [SMACK] do you turn up late [SMACK SMACK] you turn up [SMACK SMACK SMACK] inappropriately dressed [SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK] and try to bribe me [SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK] with sexual [SMACK SMACK] favors [SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK] and then [SMACK SMACK] you have the fucking cheek [SMACK SMACK SMACK] to [SMACK] fucking [SMACK] spit [SMACK] on [SMACK] my [SMACK] new [SMACK] fucking [SMACK] carpet [SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK].

‘Oh my god, you are soooo going to pay for this!’ She shrieked.

‘When your attitude stops, i’ll stop.’

‘Go jump off a fucking bridge you asshole!’

‘This is going to be a long painful day for you.’

Josh proceeded to spend the next fifteen minutes smacking her bottom as hard as he could until it was as close to resembling a ripe tomato as he could possibly manage. By this point, the girl who’s name he couldn’t remember had stopped shouting at him and had been reduced to tears. Feeling completely out of breath and arm that felt like it drop off at any moment, he decided to deliver once last smack.

He laid back and rested, waiting to see what she would do but nothing happened, she lay motionless across his knee. 

‘Good girl.’

Still nothing.

‘I think I had better explain to you how this actually works,’ Josh sighed, ‘if you fail to meet the rules that I lay out for you, you will take a trip over my knee.’

She sniffed.

‘But..’ he raised her up so she was sat on his left knee, her back laid against his chest and her head tilted to the left of his. ‘if you you behave yourself and do what I ask, then you will be rewarded.’

His hand slid down between her legs and he slowly rubbed her pussy with his two fingers. She moaned in his left ear and buried her face in his neck as he slid his fingers up and down her dripping slit and pushing them inside of her. He thrust his fingers deep, shaking them within her, her hips bucked. He knew she wouldn’t be able to hold it in, he could feel her heavy breath on his neck. He pushed his fingers deeper and shook them rapidly inside her pussy, she spasmed violently on his knee as she climaxed. He pulled out his fingers and picked her up, carrying her to the couch. He placed her down, her eyes were closed. He laid her on her side so her bottom wouldn’t sting as much when she woke. 
Josh locked his bedroom door behind him and walked back to the gorgeous black judge he had tied to his gym bench. He looked at her, laid motionless, helpless with a butt plug sticking out of her sore red bottom.

‘Now..where were we?’

She jumped as he picked up the strap.

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