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Fantasy Land - 90210 Chronicles - Part 6


Jennie Garth

Shenae Grimes and Jessica Stroup

Denise Richards

Heather Locklear

Jessica Lowndes

Lori Loughlin

Gillian Zinser

Sara Foster and Annalynne Mccord

The transition from being a loving, friendly and caring person to a cold bitch was not something that Lori had taken lightly. Her conscience wasn't clear. She didn't enjoy treating her former friends the way that she did but what choice did she have? Did they have any idea, any inclination whatsoever to the resistance she had given when the orders were set? No. They didn't have a clue. They had no idea that Lori had endured countless thrashings and threats by the authorities to force her to start adopting stricter approaches to ensure better behaved residents of the secluded city of escape. They had no idea that sometimes after she spanked them, that she used to cry about what she had done. No, as far as they were concerned, Lori had it easy but they couldn't have been more wrong. Lori would have loved to have their role, all they had to do was get up at 7, go to school, learn, come back and relax. If only they knew, but that was then, now it was different.

One afternoon, Annalynne had given Lori just a little bit too much abuse for her liking and found herself over her knee. And in between the roars or abuse and cries of forgiveness, Annalynne had raised an interesting point:

'Stop hitting me you bitch! Ow! It's so obviously not working!'

Lori did stop for a moment. She had to. Annalynne was right. Lori had spanked Annalynne twenty six times up to date and she didn't seem to behave any better and for a moment. She began to question her methods of improving behaviour. Yet, as she looked down at the naked, pink bottomed girl, half her age and laying across her lap, she realised something.

'You're right Annalynne spanking you won't change your attitude...but it will make me feel much better!'

That was the day it all changed for Lori, she embraced her role, and so that very morning when she awoke to an orgasm delivered by the talented tongues of Jennie Garth and Sara Foster who shared a bed with her, she didn't have a care in the world. Yes, maybe she would get a spanking later by her boss but at least she could deal a few out herself. Maybe she would have to go down on some of her elders at work, but at least she could make those younger than her return the favour. So life wasn't ideal, when life gives you lemons you can always make lemonade but on the off chance it gives you chocolate you're foolish not to make chocolate cake. There's nothing that says you can't have both you just have to be willing to work with what life throws at you.

'Oh my, that was wonderful.' Lori sighed, resting on the bed as Jennie made Sara go down on her.

Lori rolled out of bed and sauntered across the bedroom to unhook her robe from the wardrobe door. As she placed her arms through the sleeves she rocked onto the balls of her feet with her arms as high in the air as she could reach letting out a gigantic yawn. Feeling much more at ease she slipped out of the room, leaving them to it wandering down the hall, knocking on each door she passed in turn.

As she reached the very last door, before she knocked, she heard a muffled noise emitting from the other side. She gently turned the handle and pushed it open. At the bottom of the bed she saw Shenae Grimes laid on her front with her head in between Annalynne's spread legs sat up against the headrest. Annalynne had her hand on top of Shenae's head with her own tilted back as she covered her mouth, trying to silence her orgasm.

This kind of behaviour had been outlawed by the authorities at their age, but Lori didn't mind it as long as they didn't see her. She had caught them at it more often than they knew but for each time they saw her, she had been forced to spank them. She quietly shut the door and descended the stairs.

As she turned on the hobs to start cooking breakfast, she considered whether she was doing the right thing. It was important to her that she didn't lose herself completely. She needed to get pleasured by them and to discipline them to make her life bearable but that didn't mean she had to be overly strict and demanding. At the same time, she needed to maintain the image of being strict or they would think she was soft.

As cooking breakfast was nearing completion, the girls began to arrive in the kitchen. The attitude of the inhabitants at this hour was usually mixed with half being sleepy and angry to the other half being cheerful. Lori detected on this particular morning though, that everyone was extremely unhappy.

'Well you all look absolutely dreadful this morning, what on earth is the matter?'

The girls looked at each other, Shenae made a motion to speak with a manner of desperation but she was urged to keep quiet.

'Come on, if something is the matter you need to tell me. Have you done something wrong?' Lori pushed, starting to worry.

'No, everything's fine.' Annalynne assured her to Shenae's objection.

'How can you say that!?' Shenae asked.

'Shut up Shenae.' Annalynne hissed.

'Annalynne, we don't talk to each other like that.'

'Sorry Mrs Loughlin.'

'Now Shenae, tell me what's wrong.'

'Well...we're being bullied at school.'

'Oh...God...right.' Lori replied taken aback. 'All of you?'

'I'm not.' Gillian intervened.

'Yet...' Jessica Stroup replied sternly.

'By who?' Lori pushed further.

'Well...I'm being bullied by a girl in my class and her friends, and Annalynne, Jess and Jessica are being bullied by some older girls in their class.'

'What have they been doing to you? Have you tried telling your teachers?'

'They wouldn't do anything..' Annalynne muttered.

'Well now I don't believe that.' Lori replied. 'Tell me the names of these girls and I'll go and have a word with your teachers.'

'Well, there's Ashley Benson, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Kaley Cuoco, Megan Fox and Ashley Tisdale.' Shenae answered.

'Cuoco, Fox and Tisdale...' Lori repeated. 'I know those names, doesn't Kaley live with Heather Locklear?'

'They all do, they're from the same house. That's why Annalynne is being bullied because she tried to stop Ashley and Selena.'

'Oh..' Lori replied looking worried. 'Yes..I'll speak with your teacher then'

'Oh thank you Lori!' Shenae cried, running round to hug her.

'It's fine, I'll do it today,' Lori replied apprehensively, holding her loosely.

Lori's mind was completely vacant all morning until they had left. She didn't have the heart to tell them that there was absolutely nothing she could to help them. It was their own bad fortune that Heather Locklear was Lori's boss and Lori had formed a friendship with a co-worker called Denise Richards. The trouble was, Lori had no idea that their boss, Heather, absolutely despised Denise Richards from an incident concerning a former boyfriend before the man-plague. Before Lori knew what was happening because heather had noticed that the two of them were friends, she became Heather's joint worst enemy by proxy.


'You're late Lori,' Heather announced as she rushed into her workplace.

Lori knew she wasn't late but unless she showed up before her, there was no getting around it. Lori had long since given up the ordeal of arguing fate, as expressed by her willingly bending over her work desk and taking ten hard smacks across her skirt covered bottom with Heather's 'punishment paddle' as she so annoyingly called it.

Sitting down, rubbing her bottom, Lori carried on like any other day and began sorting the various medicines that were brought in after being routed out from the abandoned homes within the complex. Her job was simple, repetitive and dull and Heather made it a hundred times worse than it already was. All Lori could think about to get her through the day, was the prospect of climaxing when she got home.

' office please.' Heather shouted across the room an hour into her shift.

Reluctantly Lori got up and walked into her office. Not much to her surprise, Heather was sat on her desk with her legs apart, naked from the waste down. She gestured with her hand for Lori to approach her, as this was far from a new experience Lori hadn't required it. As she plunged her tongue in and around her trying to locate her g-spot as quick as possible, Heather began to torment her.

'You know, Kaley told me something interesting last night.'

Lori quickened the pace.

'That 80% of your household is responsible for the sexual satisfaction of my house. Isn't that interesting?'

Lori quickened still.

'I think I'd like you to bring your entire house round to my house tomorrow, and you can all pleasure us together. We might even get you to move in and we can all have our own little slave.'

Lori, shivered at the thought as she drove her fingers deep inside her, desperate to make her cum. Heather grabbed a handful of Lori's hair and leant back, screaming at the top of her lungs as she squirted her juice over Lori's face.

'Ooooh.' Heather moaned, shaking her hips, her thighs knocking against Lori's head as she smothered it with her soaking pussy. 'Ooo yes, yes you're moving in with us tomorrow, I could never get tired of that, I'm going to have you do that to me morning, evening and night. Now get back to work and send in Denise, I've found a new butt plug I want to try out on her.'

Lori quickly exited and gave Denise a look of sympathy, she had expected to be next but had no idea what was in store for her, except never once had it been good.

The rest of the day played out very much the same for Lori, constantly being embarrassed and punished by a woman who just had no sense of morality. Lori had never asked Denise what she done to Heather to make her hate her or anyone she associated with this much. All she could think of was 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.' Well today Lori herself had been scorned and there was going to be trouble when she got home, even Jennie and Sara had better watch out because Lori planned to tan every single bottom and have each of them pleasure her in turn, it had been a hard long day and she couldn't wait for it to be over.

Entering the house, it would have been impossible for Lori to foresee what was about to happen. She had no idea that by being kept at work for an extra hour to be butt fucked by Heather's favourite strap-on, Jennie and Sara would pick the girls up from school and be bombarded with complaints about Lori. It turned out, that Lori's failure to speak to any of their teachers was noted and the girls had had a very rough time of it at school. And somehow, Annalynne and the others had convinced them, that they should take a stand. So when Lori entered the living room, expecting to be pleasured beyond belief she was extremely shocked to be pinned over the settee and individually spanked by every girl in turn before they each forced her down on them. If the day had been long, the night was about to be even longer.

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