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Fantasy Land Series - 90210 Chronicles - Part 4 - Further Recruitment


Lucy Liu

Shenae Grimes

Ashley Benson

Miley Cyrus

Selena Gomez

Taylor Swift

Vanessa Hudgens

The weeks that proceeded were a nightmare for Shenae. Ashley had not let up on her demands of her, in fact she had even expanded on her role as her 'bitch'. Not only did Shenae have to perform regular oral sex on Ashley, she was also giving her humiliating duties. Her days mainly consisted of carrying her school books and completing her homework. She had even decided that Shenae wasn't allowed to speak without her direct permission, which was getting her a lot of spankings from their teacher.
To add further stress to Shenae's life, the other girls had been grounded for a month each for ditching school. Shenae couldn't help but feel, though they hadn't mentioned it to her, that they suspected she had something to do with it. The guilt she was feeling whenever she heard any of the girls receiving a spanking because she had told on them was becoming unbearable. When she was free to do what she wanted and could roam about the house she would try and find a room to herself to hideaway for fear of being found out. She imagined what the girls would do to her if they knew the truth. She realised that this couldn't happen and refocused on the task at hand, driving her tongue deep into Ashley's dripping snatch, forcing her to scream in ecstasy as she came.
'Oh, my.' Ashley shivered.
'My turn!' Selena screamed excitedly, spreading her legs further on the gym bench and pulling Shenae's head towards her pussy. 'Ooo'
Shenae instantly began to flick her tongue all around, having become very experienced after hours and hours of performing for them.
'Hurry up Selena, I want a go before lesson.' Vanessa shouted from the doorway she was guarding.
'Err no,'
'Err yeah,'
'I can't hurry up, when the bitch make me cum, she'll be done.'
Ashley listened to her friends argue over her bitch for a few minutes while she lay down flat across the bench with her knickers by her ankles, she felt so relaxed, Shenae had really made her climax. She laughed quietly at the confidence Vanessa was displaying now that she was no longer the 'bitch'. Ashley felt that she was possibly getting too confident and resolved to bring her down a peg later on when Shenae wasn't around. Ashley looked at the clock and saw they had four minutes before lesson.
'Shut up Vanessa and come over here, I'll watch the door, you both have two minutes.'
Vanessa ran over from the door thanking Ashley for her kindness. Ashley lent coolly against the wall, with one eye on the door and another on Vanessa spreadeagled on the bench forcing Shenae to finger her as Selena drove her face all over her pussy.
After Ashley's second warning, Vanessa had managed to join the girls in climaxing and squirted all over the floor. With not long to repose she pulled up her knickers and they ran to class. Shenae picked herself up off the floor wiping all the juices off of her and ran as fast as she could to her lesson.
By the time she had reached their class room door it was closed and when it was closed it meant you were in trouble. She knocked lightly.
She nervously turned the handle and tiptoed into the classroom.
Mrs Liu glanced at her for a moment and then turned back to the class, continuing with her instructions of how to complete their science project. Shenae stood still after she closed the door and stared at her feet. After a few seconds she couldn't help herself and glanced up towards where Ashley was sat and saw her staring at her, smiling wickedly, Shenae's eyes darted back to the floor.
'...then after you've connected your Bunsen burners I want you all to consult your textbooks and follow the instructions to the letter but remember, this isn't a race and it's to be done as a team, Miss Swift you'll have to start yours off on your own while me and Miss Grimes discuss we she can't turn up to my lessons on time.'

Mrs Liu walked to her desk and sat behind it, motioning for Shenae to approach with her back to the class.
'Is there any point in me asking where you were Miss Grimes or are you still insistent upon your vow of silence?'
Shenae looked back anxiously at Ashley who shook her head slowly with a twisted smile, Shenae slowly turned back dejected and shook her head in silence.
'Very well,' Mrs Liu exclaimed, giving her thigh a firm slap and nodding towards her knee. 'Come on.'
Shenae meekly got to her feet and walked around the desk, she lifted her shirt over her head and dropped it to the floor. She could sense that there wasn't much science being done. Reluctantly she reached her arms around her back and unclipped her bra, covering her small breasts with her right arm as she dropped her bra on top of her shirt. With her free hand she unzipped the side of her skirt and wriggled ever so slightly to allow it to slide slowly down her thighs and drop onto her feet. She couldn't help but give Mrs Liu a quick glance to see if she had suddenly changed her entire viewpoint on how to give a spanking but was saddened to learn that the knickers would have to come off. As she grabbed the waistband, she had to bend at the knee to pull them down over her feet, then as the shoes and socks came off one by one, she was entirely naked before the entire class once again.
The grip of Mrs Liu's hand felt so strong as it propelled her arm and her body forward, she collapsed over her knee and soon felt a sharp pain on her backside. Shenae leaned to the side to try and angle her bottom away but felt Mrs Liu's hand grab her own and pin it to her back, holding her firmly in place. She felt another sting on her right butt cheek, then to her left. Within twenty seconds her bottom had been struck fifty times and felt like it was on fire. It was all she could do not to scream at the top of her lungs but she didn't want to give any of her classmates the satisfaction.
'if you want to be a silly little girl and stop speaking then that's fine by me Miss Grimes but if it affects your school work you will be punished. And how many times have I had to smack your naughty bottom for turning up late? I want you outside my door ten minutes before the lessons begin from now on, is that clear young lady?'
Shenae nodded frantically, as her eyes began to well up.
A glass smashed on the floor.
Shenae's heart leapt at as Mrs Liu's hand stopped hitting her very sore bottom. As she got to her feet she propelled Shenae into the air, landing her on the balls of her feet, where she was pushed gently out of the way as Mrs Liu marched over to where the glass had broken.
'What has happened here?'
As Shenae rubbed her bottom softly, unsure over whether to put her clothes back on her not, she overheard Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson explaining that it had been an accident, that Emma had been passing it to Kristen when it had slipped out of her fingers. Mrs Liu fetched a dustpan and brush and spent the next few minutes ensuring that there wasn't any glass remaining.
'I'm afraid that's the best I can manage, I'll let the cleaners know what happened, don't worry about it girls. Everyone get back to work.'
Much to the relief of Emma and Kristen, Mrs Liu turned and sat back at her desk, failing to acknowledge Shenae. After a few seconds she looked up at her from her papers.
'What are you doing Miss Grimes? Waiting for another? Put your clothes back on and go and help Taylor.'

A few minutes later, she approached the joint desk she shared with her only friend Taylor Swift, who wasted no time in voicing her disapproval.
'I know what you're going to say Shenae but I have to say it,' she whispered, 'you've got to tell Mrs Liu what's going on, she'll help you!'
Shenae shook her head fearfully, glancing at Ashley who was concentrating on her work.
'I might have to if you don't'
Shenae grabbed a piece of paper and wrote something down, thrusting it towards her.
Don't say anything, Mrs Liu thinks Ashley is a saint and she won't believe a word I say, just let it go.
'But you can't go on like this, you have to tell someone! What about Mrs Loughlin or Mrs Garth?'
Just drop it, no one can know about this, you're not even supposed to.
'I have to tell her.'
If you do, we're no longer friends.
The rest of the lesson was very tense between Taylor and Shenae, who were usually devoted to each other. Before Shenae had been forced into becoming Ashley's bitch the pair had briefly been lovers and had been hoping to develop their relationship further before Shenae had broken it off.
When the lesson came to an end, Taylor gathered her books and left the classroom without even looking at Mrs Liu, much to Shenae's relief. She started packing away her things when Mrs Liu called her over, as she did Ashley approached her desk and picked up a couple of screwed up bits of paper that had conquered her curiousity throughout the lesson. She looked slightly taken aback for a moment as she read them and then quickly left the room solely to Mrs Liu and Shenae.
'Get under the desk and get to work Shenae, you're losing half of your dinner today.'
Shenae dropped to her knee's and crawled under the desk where she saw that Mrs Liu had already removed her underwear, she crawled closer to her and placed her head between her thighs while Mrs Liu resumed marking papers.

'Hey Taylor wait up!' Ashley shouted down the hall as she ran after her, Taylor sped her walking pace. 'Where are you going?'
'No where,' Taylor lied, having every intention to go and see principle Diaz.
'Hey, Selena, Vanessa! Over here!' Ashley shouted across the large hall as they exited their separate classrooms. Selena was accompanied by Miley, her annoying friend from class.
'Hey Ashley,' Selena greeted, 'what's that loser doing here?'
Selena looked at Taylor with disdain, as though she were something unwanted found on the soul of her shoe. Taylor looked taken aback.
'I've decided to let her join the group,' Ashley announced.
'What!?' Selena shrieked, loud enough to warrant stern looks of anger from nearby teachers. 'I've been trying to get Miley approved for months!'
'They can both have a chance to prove themselves,' Ashley explained, giving into Selena. She really needed to stop enabling her bossiness, she was four years younger than her, she was lucky it wasn't her who was the bitch. Ashley made a mental note to give her a spanking tonight when they got home, before she would make Vanessa eat her pussy.
'So, Taylor, what do you think?' Ashley turned back to her, 'You want in?'
Taylor paused for a moment, perhaps this was the alternative. This could be the solution that she needed, she could join the gang and convince Ashley to turn her attentions away from Shenae.
'Ok, sure.' She answered eagerly.
Ashley turned and led them out of the hall careful not to be seen by any of the teachers. They stealthily made their way into the old sports hall that was out of order for the second time that day. She instructed Miley and Taylor to sit down on bench, they were both reluctant because it looked so wet, but Ashley assured them it was just water.
'So, girls, here's the thing. There's only room for one of you,' the girls looked at each other anxiously 'and i've decided that after ten minutes, whoever has the reddest cheeks and a mouthful of the girls juices is in the gang and the other is going to become our second bitch. Begin!'
The instructions were finished so abruptly that neither girl reacted straight away. Miley was the first to her feet and in the silence of the atmosphere she slowly approached taylor and grabbed her polo shirt, tugging it upwards. Taylor immediately stopped her and got to her feet, she grabbed hold of Miley's waist and pushed her backwards. Miley advanced one more and tried grabbing at her head.
'Get off me you bitch!' Taylor snapped and slapped Miley across the face. Miley, staggered backwards and then groaned as Taylor tackled her to the floor, sitting on her chest she pinned her arms to the floor, and quickly slapped her across the face once more.
'Taylor,' Ashley interrupted, 'those are the wrong cheeks.'
Taylor paused for a moment and then twisted her knee's that were constricted Mileys sides so that her body moved onto her side, Taylor then leant back and started to smack Miley's skirt covered bottom repeatedly.
'Are you going to let that bitch do that to your friend?' Ashley asked Selena, surprised and then turned to Vanessa with the same expression.
The two girls looked at each other and then ran over to Taylor, Vanessa grabbed her by the waist and pulled her off Miley, dragging her onto the floor. She wrapped her arms and legs around Taylor's so she couldn't move and her back was rested against her chest. Selena ripped off her skirt and knickers leaving her bottom have exposed, with Vanessa forcing her legs wide and spread.Selena then grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted it over her head as Vanessa held her arms high in the air and then pinned her down once more as Selena unclipped her bra.
'No! Ashley!' Taylor screamed.
'You said it was one against one!' she cried as Vanessa turned her body onto her side, Selena and Vanessa both had her pinned to the floor now, laid naked but for her shoes on her front, while Miley smacked her bare bottom as hard as she could.
'No actually I didn't'
Ashley sat and watched while she ate her dinner as her friends each took it in turns to spank Taylor, when her bottom was fully red they each rubbed her face on their pussies until she agreed to lick them out. Eventually, Taylor gave in, and for the remainder of the break they sat on the bench eating their food while Taylor pleasured them each in turn and Ashley lectured her on her rules and obligations to being their bitch.
Selena and Miley escorted Taylor out of the room after she had made what repairs she could to her clothes. Ashley and Vanessa however remained at Ashley's orders.
'I wasn't impressed with Miley.'
'I like her,' Vanessa offered.
'I don't but Selena does. But she needs to learn that our members reflect our group and Miley was very weak. I've decided that you can have Miley, she's above Taylor and Shenae but she still a bitch.'
'Oh thank you Ash!' Vanessa screamed joyfully, hugging her friend, they kissed each other passionately. Ashley looked at the clock and decided with ten minutes left, she had time. She sat down and much to Vanessa's disapointment, made her lick her out.

The next lesson passed without any incident, during which Shenae learned that Taylor had suffered the same fate as her, she wasn't sure whether to be pleased or horrified about it, but as neither could talk she couldn't relay and feelings toward her anway. After the lesson, they followed Ashley out of the classroom carrying her belongings to meet up with Selena, Vanessa and Miley who was unaware of her position within the group. They sat down at the side of the hall and listened to the three girls talk.
'She's a real teachers pet Ashley,' Vanessa begged her, 'please, I hate her.'
'She seems ok to me, I always liked her.' Ashley remarked.
'Oh please! I'd love to make her my bitch.'
'You already have a bitch.'
'What!?' Selena shouted, causing a stir once more by the teachers. 'Who's her bitch?'
'Miley's my bitch,' Vanessa gloated, much to the shock of Miley.
'What?' Miley croaked.
'Shut up bitch, I didn't say you could speak.' Vanessa snapped.
'That wasn't what we agreed!' Selena hissed outraged.
'Shut up Selena, this isn't a democracy.' Ashley warned her. 'You can't have her Vanessa but I will give her to Selena and she might let you use her.'
Vanessa and Selena both sat silently, angry at this decision. Though Selena was at least excited about gaining her own bitch, especially since it was Hayden Panetierre.
'Taylor,' Ashley turned to her, 'I want you to lure Hayden into the toilets after the rest of us are in. Is that understood?'
'Yes what?'
'Yes Master.'
After they left, Taylor walked over to Hayden who was sat in a corner reading a book.
'Hey Hayden.'
'What do you want?' Hayden asked annoyed.
Mrs Liu told me to ask you to help me with my skirt because i've ripped it,' Taylor showed her the tear in her skirt, 'she said to get you to tie it in not for me because I can't reach.'
'You're joking?' Hayden replied.
'No, honest.'
'Get someone else to do it,' Hayen demanded, resuming her book.
'I can't, Mrs Liu specifically said you and I'm not going to argue with her, so unless you want to go and talk to her about it, I suggest you follow me to the toilet so we can get it over with.'
Hayden thought about it for a moment and decided that it was an inconvenience she could tolerate to avoid getting a spanking from one of the notoriously strictest teachers.
As Taylor entered the toilet first she wasn't surprised to see Vanessa and Selena stood on either side of the door, they allowed her to enter unscathed. As Hayden came through the door, they grabbed her covering her mouth and dragged her into a cublicle where Miley was stood waiting and they locked the door. Soon after she heard very loud slapping noises.
'Watch the door Taylor, if anyone comes whistle loudly.' Selena yelled from inside the cubicle.
She could hear Ashley moaning from within another cublicle and assumed that Shenae was going down on her. She took solace in the fact that it wasn't her on her knees.
Near the end of break time, Hayden exited the cubicle followed by a very happy looking Selena and Vanessa, and Miley was the last to leave, Taylor saw her wiping her mouth with disgust. Seconds later, Ashley came out followed by Shenae.
'It's last lesson now, so I'll see you all in the playground tomorrow morning, Shenae, Taylor, you can split any homework I have between you.'
They watched her leave the room, followed by Selena, Miley and Vanessa after they had given their own instructions out. Taylor was also required to do Miley's homework.
Hayden, Shenae and Taylor all stood silently, not knowing what to say before they left for their own class.

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