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Fantasy World - Jake's World - Part 7 - Welcome Home Party

Michelle Rodriguez

The little things in life are what keep you going at times. For instance, being the only fully functioning man left should really be quite a depressing thing. Yet for some reason Jake was bringing the gigantic vehicle to a halt blasting AC/DC with the windows down, wearing a pair of Matrix-esque sunglasses and a grin. He loved his machine, it was as big as a bus and as secure as a tank. He'd been unsure of what to call it after assembling it himself, but he'd taken to calling it the Tankus. Jake twisted in his seat, stretching his limbs after the five hour drive, he rested his head on the seat of the drivers bench but battled his urges to sleep. It wouldn't be long now before he was back home embraced by those that he loved.

Jake opened the 7 ft door of the Tankus, bowed his sandy blonde hair under the door frame and jumped down from the raised platform to the floor, the impact cushioned poorly by his worn out sandals. He squinted looking up at the blistering sunshine, he could feel the warmth on his arms and legs unprotected from his blue and white sorts and black vest. Just to the right of him, was a latch on the tank which opened up a compartment that could just about fit a twenty inch flat screen in. Within it, he grabbed his usual weapons of choice, a knife and some rope but his favourite item was the bottle of Jack Daniels. Taking several gulps, he took the map from his pocket portraying the homes of celebrities within the area. Of the houses which surrounded him, only one contained a celebrity, he was looking for the home of Michelle Rodriguez, but orienteering had never been something he excelled at in school. He cursed and tried to remember Joey's technique from 'Friends' as he placed the map on the floor.

On the brink of losing hope, tormented by the prospect of going home Jake picked up the map to screw it up in his hands, in the corner of his eye he saw a curtain flicker on the other side of the street. Jake closed the compartment and scurried across the road, not wanting to attract any unwanted attention. Though the irony was not lost on him as to what he just pulled up in, truthfully he just liked to be in stealth mode, hours and hours of solitude can drive someone insane if they don't keep themselves entertained. His movements were thwarted by the huge front gate, usually managed by the intercom linked with security, but Jake found it highly unlikely there would be anyone to communicate with. So placing his foot on a horizontal bar near the bottom of the gate. He climbed it, careful not to pierce himself on the spikes at the top, as he lowered himself down at the other side, he sighed with relief.

Jake circumnavigated the mansion, trying to find an entry point, he knew that the chances of finding one on the lower floor were futile but after nearly breaking his neck climbing a house one time and discovering the front door had been unlocked he'd altered his preparations. On this occasion, he would have to find a way up to the windows on the second floor, as the ground one's were all barricaded. Walking around once more to a drain pipe he had discovered, he reluctantly began to climb it, fearful that it would detach and send him falling to his death. He sighed once more with relief as he placed both hands onto the ledge of the nearest window to the left of the pipe, sliding each hand across with his legs dangling below. Now came the hard part. Holding his breath he began to pull his entire body weight up with remarkable strength until he could rest his forearms and elbows flat on the window ledge. Holding his breath once more he lifted his lower body up onto the large ledge, and rolled exhaustedly onto his back.

'Jesus.' Jake gasped, taking out a cigarette from his pocket.
He rummaged around in his pocket for a lighter, sitting upright against the window. Taking the first drag, he exhaled an elongated sigh of relief amidst the smoke. A movement across the street caught his eye, a small group of fuck heads (fuck heads being the name which Jake had coined those inflicted with manplague) gathered outside the tankus. It wasn't a case of any damage being done to it, that was near impossible but it would make his retreat very difficult if he had to find a way past them, especially if Michelle was with him.

Frustrated, he threw the barely smoked cigarette down onto the grass that surrounded the mansion and turned to face the window. Annoyed by his own idiocy of not bringing a brick with from below he took off his vest and tightly twisted it around his knuckles. Looking away, he punched the glass with all his strength, there was a small pain in his index finger as his fist shattered the entirety of the window. Looking forward, he pulled his hand towards his face and pulled a small shard from his finger.

'Hmph,' he shrugged, 'could have been worse.'

Carefully, he ducked and slipped in through the window, landing with a crunch on the floor as the glass broke beneath his sandals. He cursed occasionally as he stepped through the room over the glass that seemed to keep finding its way under his feet, until he reached the door. He turned the handle slightly, pulling the door back, then slowly peered his head into the corridor, it was empty. He stepped out into the hallway and looked around, then opened the opposite door to him. It was a bedroom, very clean and tidy. Jake assumed it was a spare room but it was quite possibly not, he'd just never seen a room so tidy before. He stepped back out and went into the next room to it, the door was partially open and on the inside the room had been torn apart, the bed was on its side and the walls and floor were covered in what he assumed was blood. The room opposite, next to the room he had broken into, was a bathroom, on the floor of the bathroom was a dead fuck head. Jake kicked him, partly to ensure he was dead but mostly because he just wanted to kick him. He began to raid the medicine cabinet, when he heard a faint grunting noise, he paused and tried to concentrate on where it was coming from. He left the bathroom and followed the noise down the hallway as it grew louder and louder. He walked past a door and he realised it was getting quieter, he went back a door, and pressed his ear against it, this was the room. He pulled out his knife and turned the handle, pushing the door open slowly.

His first sight caused him to wretch slightly, as a hairy brown ass-hole stared him in the face from across the room, bouncing up and down. Quietly, he began to gip. He noticed that underneath this foul fuck head was a caramel coloured body obviously of the female form, with the fuck heads cock jammed into her bottom. Then and inch down he saw another cock driving into her cunt from beneath. The pair of them were aggressively ramming her simultaneously, Jake almost didn't spot the third fuck head who's head appeared each time the hairy ass dropped an inch as he pounded her.

Quietly, Jake walked on tiptoe over to the pile of thrusting bodies, as he grew closer, he could hear who he was assuming was Michelle, whimpering slightly. Quickly, he jabbed the blade of his knife into the neck of the first fuck head, and ragged him off of Michelle, onto the floor. The felatio receiving fuck head stood and charged towards him, knocking the knife out of his hands onto the bed then slamming him into the door, he moaned as his head flew back and smashed through the first layer of the door.

The third fuck head had thrown Michelle to the floor and come running forward, launching a fist into Jake's face, the impact forced his head through the remaining door panel till it hung out in the hallway. He gasped as he felt another punch connect to his stomach, winding him. A third connected with his ribs on the right of his body, he felt two brake. He kicked wildly with his left leg, connecting he hoped with the genitals of one of the fuck heads. He forced his head back into the room, and saw one of them on the floor and the others fist flying into his face, breaking his nose.

'Fuck!' He cried out, launching his forehead into the fuck heads face, forcing blood to spray out from both their noses. He sprinted forwards and lifted his knee up to strike the bending genital struck fuck head in the face, sending him fly backwards over a desk. He turned around and ripped off a plank from the broken door, and swung it around cracking the other across the temple, Jake watched him fall to the ground and knew his lights were out. He staggered forward around the desk and picked up the remaining fuck head and smashed his head against the desk repeatedly until he was sure he was either unconscious or dead, worn out, Jake collapsed in a heap onto the floor holding his rib cage as the blood continuously poured from his nose.

'Are you ok?' Jake gasped.

Michelle didn't answer.

'Hey,' Jake pushed, struggling to his feet 'you ok?'

He held his right arm up against the wall and leant against it, sliding his body across the wall, leaving a trail of blood behind him.

Michelle lay naked on the bed, vacantly staring at the ceiling. Jake shook her, she didn't move.

'Hey,' Jake shouted, shaking her more aggressively.

Michelle violently twisted and her right arm lunged towards him, he flinched and twisted his body as she pushed the knife into his shoulder. He cried out in pain and grabbed it after she let go and sprinted out of the room into the hallway.

'Just once, just fucking once,' Jake spat, 'that's all I ask, one time I rescue someone can it just go smoothly.'

He cried out as he pulled the knife out of his shoulder, quickly he ripped a piece of lined from the bed and tied it around the wound as best he could. Then charged into the hallway.

'Michelle!' He called out, 'I'm trying to help you for fucks sake.'

She didn't answer, he struggled down the hall.

'Let's just take a moment to think about what's happening. You're scared, I appreciate that and I understand what you're going through, and I'm sure you're sat wherever you're hiding thinking, how could you know what i'm going through? But I do, i've seen this far too many times over the last year. I'm here to help you, to take you somewhere safe. Yes, you've got not reason to trust me and i've got no right to ask you to, but can you just think for one second logically about what's happened. Is there a difference between me and any other man inflicted with the plague? The answer is yes, I'm talking to you, they don't talk. They can't talk, and yet I'm talking to you. So I want you to think, but not for too long, because outside I have an exceptionally large vehicle that's full of other people I have rescued and as the minutes pass by, more and more of those fuckheads are gathering outside it and the longer I wait for you, the harder it is for me to get back in, so you've got about thirty seconds to decide or i'm going to have to leave you. And Michelle, nobody who get's left behind survives.'

Jake paused and waited.

'twenty seconds,' Jake announced.

No answer.

'Ten seconds Michelle, you won't make it without me.'

'five...four....three...two...don't do this' Jake sighed, disappointed. 'Good luck Michelle, I've left the knife in the bedroom, I hope you have better aim with someone else.'

Jake retraced his previous entry to the room with the broken window, in too much pain to climb through carefully, he gritted his teeth as he cut himself in multiple places. He stepped out onto the window ledge and turned so he could slide down the drain pipe.

'Wait!' Michelle cried out, running up to the window. She had found a robe to wear while she had disappeared and clutched to it tightly.

'Hurry up!' Jake shouted, half hung over the edge of the window sill.

'I...I don't trust you.'

'Look Michelle, if you stay here there's a 100% chance you're going to die horribly whatever you do, coming with me is taking a chance that you might actually not have to die, or for that matter experience any pain whatsoever and live your life out happily. You're just going to have to take a chance. I can't wait any longer.'

She thought for a moment and then carefully climbed through the window walking cautiously towards him. He held out his hand and she grabbed it, he lifted her down holding her body in his left arm as he clung to the drain pipe. He instantly cursed his stupidity, not only was he in unbearable pain from the broken rib and stabbed shoulder but the drain pipe was ripped off the wall from their weight and they slowly rocked backwards and plummeted through the air, landing roughly in a bush.

' bad..' Jake sputtered, through a mouthful of leaves.

'You idiot,' Michelle yelled, slapping his bad shoulder.

'Hey, you got on, you didn't consider it either!'

Michelle didn't respond, only moaned as she clawed her way out of the bush. Jake waited a second more and then followed her. Moving out of the foliage, Jake crouched down and crept across the garden towards the gate. Michelle, not seeing the point walked casually behind him wondering what sort of decision she had made following this muscle bound moron. He started to climb the gate, in immeasurable pain, with every step up the gate he cried out quietly. Michelle watched him in awe for a second, then walked to the side of the gate and pressed the open button, and the two gate doors opened up before her.

'You know...I think maybe I should have stayed inside.' Michelle moaned.

'That makes fucking two of us.' Jake hissed, painfully climbing down the gate that had slowly swung him against the wall.

Fighting the urge to continue this argument, Jake staggered back around the gate and crossed the street, looking right towards the tankus he saw seven fuck heads loitering around it.

'Stay here,' He instructed Michelle, she gladly did as she was told and prepared herself to run back to her house when he failed.

Jake weighed up his options, he considered everything he could do, even entertained lassoing them one by one only to realise he'd lost his rope in the previous fight. Jake continued to look around and spotted a dislodged stone in the wall, he grabbed it in his left hand and crept forwards. He crouched low behind the first fuck head stood on his own at the front of the tankus, staring at the wind shield. Jake bent his knees then launched himself up with his left arm high in the air, and smashed it down into the fuck heads skull.

Further up the road, Michelle winced as she watched the diseased man fall in a heap to the floor, she spotted two more of them notice the noise and shuffle around the side of the huge vehicle. The brute who saved her, was crouched down waiting for one of them to round the front but he didn't seem to realise there was one coming from behind him.

'Hey!' Michelle shouted, trying alert his attention. She watched, relieved as Jake spun round and struck the approacher in the face with the large stone he carried. He turned again and struck the third. He looked to be in a considerable amount of pain carrying and swinging it about, she watched as he dropped it to the floor and bent over looking exhausted. Michelle watched nervously, realising that by shouting she had caught the attention of the remaining four fuck heads, who immediately started running towards her.

'Oh for fucks sake,' Jake exclaimed furiously as he watched the four fuck heads marching away from him towards Michelle, who seemed to be frozen to the spot. Jake, picked himself up off the floor and jogged up the street after them.

'Hey!' Jake shouted waving his left arm, 'oi you bastards, over here.'

Jake threw his stone at the closest one to him and it landed on the side of his head, causing him to fall face down on the ground, his head bouncing up off the concrete. Jake, ran past him and swung his fist into the next one's head, causing him to stagger sideways into another fuck head. He'd gotten their attention.

'Oh shit,' Jake panicked as they turned and rushed towards him. He back peddled towards the side walk and collided firmly with a street light, as the nearest to him came within reached he grabbed his head and stepped sideways slamming his face into the steel post. He watched as it staggered backwards and collapsed. He wanted to step forwards and kick its head but the other two came after him, he ran further down the street with them both just behind him. He reached the front of the tankus and dropped to the floor, he reached under it's hood grabbing onto something but one of them seized his leg and pulled, he slid out from under it and jabbed a large pole into ones chest, it fell backwards and collapsed. The other pounded Jake's face several times with his fist, Jake began to black out, but before he did he booted the fuck head in the groin, then rolled over to rip the pole out of the dying man's chest and thrust it into the others spine. Jake's eyes began to fade.

'Hey,' Jake heard a distant voice, his head hurt massively, he couldn't see.

'Hey, get up' the voice continued, his body was shaking.

'Hey, come on, get up now, you great big oaf!' His eyes jolted open and he saw her beautiful angry face staring down at him. 'It's about time, how do we open this thing?'

'Help me up,' Jake insisted, trying to lift his upper body, but struggling.

'You've got to be kidding, you must weigh over a ton.'

'Help me the fuck up Michelle,' Jake spluttered, losing his patience.

Michelle grabbed hold of his left shoulder, and jake used the pole he found still gripped in his hand to shift his bodyweight onto as he rose to his feet. Jake stumbled round the side of the tankus using the pole and her body to walk, when he reached the back, she saw for the first time that there were two huge doors, locked by a padlock. Jake fell forwards onto the doors and lent against it on his left side, grabbing the padlock. He began to manoeuvre the dial until it clicked and then removed it, swearing occasionally about how much pain he was in. Then, with great pain and effort he pulled open the door and Michelle gasped at the interior. It looked cosy, there were beds and sofas scattered around inside and at the far end she saw a small kitchen with plates and cutlery. More to Michelle's surprise though was that it was full of women, each laid on a bed or sat on a sofa. They all looked rather shocked, they had obviously heard the commotion happening outside.

'Get in,' Jake instructed bluntly.

'What?' Michelle asked.

'I said get in, I want to go home.' Jake answered, his voice was filled with sadness, his eyes looked empty.

Michelle considered her options for a final time, before hopping into the back of the tankus, she turned around to speak but the door slammed shut on her.

Jake dragged his body into the front seat of the tankus and slammed the door behind him, letting out a terrific moan of pain. His face was stiff from the dry blood that clung to his face, his nose had stopped bleeding finally. He looked down at his shoulder and saw the linen was soaked red, he was too tired to change it, he just switched on the ignition and started the long drive.

It wasn't long before Jake started to lose consciousness, he had one eye partly open and no idea where he was going. It was a straight road with nothing on, he'd been aware of this. It was everything he could do to keep that eye open even partially but he pictured the embrace of the small number of women he had grown close to back at the complex he had separated from the rest of the world. He battled with the urge to close his eye, the voice in his mind telling him it was fine to go to sleep, he could just drive when he woke up, but a part of a told him, he might not wake up at all. He patted his shorts, around the side pockets and pulled out the bottle of Jack Daniels, he squinted at it, saw there was only a few drops left.

'Just one thing, you can't even give me that,' Jake whimpered, desperately wanting a drink.

He then poured the remnants of the bottle onto his open wounds and gripped the steering wheel tightly, growling. Both his eyes shot open, and he sat upright, swearing at the top of his lungs.

He checked his navigator, he had veered slightly of course but had only lost about five minutes. With only twenty miles to go, he braced himself and focused on the journey. It wasn't long until he was home, then he could rest.

He sighed, a huge sigh of relief as he pulled up to the front gate of the complex. He located his remote for it and waited for it to open. He slowly drove the tankus into the tight square opening until the front of it lightly nudged against the gate at the otherside. Then he pressed the remote and the rear gate closed behind the tankus and the front gate opened.

He drove quickly down the road, veering to the left, smashing into several cars, he regained control of the wheel and steered sharply to the right, then he saw the hospital at the far end of the street, he took his foot off the accelerator, and closed his eyes, the tankus continued, 60, 55, 50 mph, 45, 40, 35, then smashed into an ambulance parked at the entrance. Jake's unconcious face collided with the steering wheel and the women who were unfortunate to be standing, fell, one of them hitting her head.

After a few minutes Jake began to stir, he lifted his head from the wheel and looked out of the windshield wondering why he was still here. He had placed protocol for this kind of situation, the authorities were informed electronically when the gate was opened and should be ready for him in case anyone required medical treatment. But for some reason, nobody was here. The hospital was completely barren. Jake couldn't understand what had happened but couldn't worry about it for long, as his eyes shut for perhaps the final time.

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