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The Ghana Slave Trade 1 + 2


Elizabeth Beckman lived in a nice big house, with a nice big garden, in a nice big estate out in the country of Yorkshire. Within each house was a family, some young, some old, some with children and some without. Suffice to say, there were many different types of families living in East Tunnington. In the village, or Uptown as it was often referred to by the inhabitants, there were two distinctive similarities between each house that weren't so much as laws but everyone abides them nonetheless. It didn't matter if you lived in the smallest, or the largest house, if you had nine children or none, to live in Uptown, you had to be both rich and white.
Elizabeth came from a long line of Beckman's, there were many Beckman's before her and there will always be a Beckman living in Uptown. Elizabeth's mother was the late Margaret Beckman daughter of Donald Beckman and the former Patricia Roseman. Elizabeth's father, Arthur Beckman came from a family known as the Dawson's, as part of the marriage agreement that is mandatory for all Beckman weddings, her father Arthur had taken his wife's name. He hadn't had much choice in the matter, nor had he any say in who he was to marry, that was all arranged by the Beckman family.
It was considered not only a great honour to be picked to marry a Beckman but it was also a ticket to unimaginable wealth. The Beckman family business was to own other businesses, they excelled in legally strong holding companies into selling themselves to the Beckman's for a less then generous fee. The Beckman company had been investigated thoroughly by law enforcement agencies but not a single investigation had amounted to any charges, they were usually dropped after a short while and coincidentally the person in charge often ended up retiring and moving into a larger house. This had also been investigated on charges of bribery but those behind them usually ended up benefiting financially too by strange coincidence. Beckman LTD was therefore an official law abiding firm that produced billions of pounds every year.
Elizabeth was approaching her thirtieth birthday, it was a date that she was dreading. All Beckman's had to be married before they turned thirty, that had been the rule since it was changed in 1930. Her list of potential suitors wasn't very flattering, the ones her parents were urging her to pick from the most were extremely dull, not to mention in terrible physical condition. Elizabeth did have her eye on one particular individual, he had an athletic build and he was extremely handsome, she had wanted to pick him when she first saw him. Her parents had not approved and they still didn't, she was allowed to pick him because his family was a good family but they urged her to look at the others. He was also, to put it kindly, not her biggest fan.
'That boy has not uttered a single word in my presence,' remarked her mother, 'I asked him what his interests were, merely being polite of course because normally I would never wish to engage him. Do you know what he said Elizabeth dear?'
'I do not,' Elizabeth sighed, staring out of the window.
'Nothing. He completely ignored me,' Margaret squeaked 'I came extremely close to having him escorted out of the house until his mother came over and apologised sincerely, awful woman, not very wealthy at all, terrible taste in clothes. She explained in a whisper to me that her son was very simple and that he didn't understand what I had said to him.'
Elizabeth continued to stare blankly out of the window.
'Did you hear me darling?'
'You mustn't marry that man, he will bring shame to the family.'
Elizabeth had not taken this advice on board, she wasn't as much rebellious but she was a control freak. If a decision was to be made, it would be made by her. One evening, leisuring with her friend, she had spotted the brute simpleton playing tennis a few courts down from her. Seizing an opportunity to engage him in conversation, she had intentionally launched her serve towards him on the opposite side of the court. Her chauffeur almost foiled her plan by running to get it but she shouted him to stop and explained that she needed the exercise which nobody really believed, though they didn't know her agenda. Elizabeth was very athletic, there was barely an ounce of fat on her. She worked very hard to stay in shape and was proud of her figure, it had been hard at first to get into sports because of her larger than average chest but she had adapted.
'I think this might be your ball Miss,' the hunky male stated holding out his outstretched hand, walking towards her.
'Oh thank you, how terribly clumsy of me,' Elizabeth giggled lightly running her fingers through her curly blonde hair, 'thank you very kindly Sir.'
He smiled at her, admiring her tight white polo and short plaid skirt.
'It might be best if you aimed down your court next time you make a serve Miss, or you will be coming down here quite often.'
'Perhaps you could teach me some time?' Elizabeth asked suggestively, swivelling slightly where she stood and batting her eyelids.
'Perhaps,' He replied, looking at his opponent who was anxious to resume the game.
'What is your name?'
'Well, I'll leave you to your game then Julian, unless you have anything you want to ask me?'
'No, I can't think of anything,' He replied, looking anxiously at the umpire seated beside their court urging him to resume play.
'Oh you are so silly. Here,' Elizabeth quickly grabbed the score pad and a pen from the umpires hand and wrote down her number thrusting it towards him. She turned and skipped back to her court.
Julian glanced at the piece of paper and the smile faded from his face. He crumpled it up in a tight clenched fist and threw it aside before turning back to make his serve.
Since then, Elizabeth's grandmother had passed, she had seen Julian at the funeral but had been to saddened by her grandmother's death to go and talk to him. She was a little confused and disappointed that he hadn't at least approached her to offer his condolences but she just reasoned that perhaps he didn't feel like he knew her well enough. She had no explanation for next time she would see him at the tennis courts, when she hit her ball on purpose towards him, before she could go after it, Julian kept throwing it back to her so she had no excuse to go over. After the third time she tried it in one day she marched over.
'Why don't you want me to come and talk to you?'
'Because I do not, now leave us alone.'
'What is your problem Julian?'
'You are my problem, I don't like you and and I don't like your family and that way it treats other people, now stop talking to me and leave me alone.'
Elizabeth hadn't known what to say, she simply stood there expressionless for a minute or two while he went back to playing tennis. He didn't even seem to notice when she turned and went back to her friend.
So here she was, stuck, no idea who to choose to be her husband, the man she desired so much hated her just for being who she was. All she could think was, what if she picked him anyway, maybe she could change his mind. It was a problem Elizabeth had been thinking about all morning, laid on her bed with her hand resting on top of her gardeners head, buried between her thighs. Finally he hit the right spot and she shuddered and tightened her legs around his face.
'Oh, Alan,' She screamed, 'yes, that's it.'
Alan lifted his head to look at her.
'Will that be all Miss?'
'Yes Alan that will quite suffice, there should be £300 on top of the cabinet over there that should be enough for today's work.'
'Yes Alan, £300.'
'We agreed on £600 for the new hedge designs and then what about for just going down on you?'
'We agreed that you would do a good job Alan but you didn't did you? And I'm not in the habit of paying for sexual favours Alan, but it's nice to know my gardener is a prostitute, I won't be requiring your services again.'
'Wait, what?'
'Are you deaf Alan? You're fired.'
'But..I spent all day on the hedges and you said you'd make it worth my while if I went down on you.'
'Yes, because I am far more beautiful and classy than you are Alan so it should be an honour for you. Now get out before I call the police.'
Alan stunned, walked out of the room. Elizabeth jumped slightly as he slammed the door on his way out.
Elizabeth slipped out of her queen size bed and stepped into her large bathroom, in the centre of the room was a large bathtub that's sides were on level with the floor. She sat on the edge and dropped down into the tub that someone had drawn for her, it was just the right temperature. Laying her head back, she closed her eyes and prepared herself for the meeting she was about to have today.
She was to meet with lawyers and family representing both her and whomever she chose to marry her, she had narrowed it down to three choices, a slightly fat forty year old man name Harold who was mildly interesting, a scrawny twenty year old name Joshua and Julian. Her father was under the impression that she was going to choose Joshua but after a late night discussion with her best friend last night it looked as though she was leaning towards Julian, which would probably give him a heart attack.
Elizabeth snapped open her eyes.
'Hello?' She whispered, 'Andrea is that you dear, I could use a little more bubbles.'
She closed her eyes again and resumed her thoughts. Then she heard another noise, she opened her eyes and sat up slightly looking around the bathroom.
'Who's there.' It was getting quite steamy in the bathroom and hard to see around.
Elizabeth felt a light breeze on her back, she spun around against the edge but there was no one there, she paused for a moment and then stood up to get out, feeling quite unnerved. She stepped up onto the side and then out of nowhere, a hand grabbed at her head and another round her waist and she felt her mouth being smothered with a fabric with a terrible odour, her brain was trying to figure out what was happening and just when she was about to realise it was chloroform she lost consciousness.


Slowly, Elizabeth came too. She tried to move her hands but they were tied behind her back, and something was in her mouth. She tried to speak but it was so big that she couldn't make any words. As her vision began to come back she noticed metal bars around her, she spun around as much as she could but the space was quite small, only enough for her to be in if she was curled up. She realised by the cold breeze that she was completely naked. She began to cry. The surface beneath her shook violently, and the sound was roaring within the room. She had been on enough holidays to know that she was flying on a plane, she cried louder, wanting someone to hear her, to help her. The door burst open.
'Quiet you.' A tall, powerful looking black male boomed at her, rattling the cage with a large stick.
Elizabeth tried to speak again, but the sound was muffled by the plastic ball in her mouth.
'You don't want to shut up?' He asked, angrily.
Elizabeth made another noise and shook her head.
'You want me to let you out?'
Elizabeth nodded her head.
'Ok I let you and fuck you.'
Elizabeth violently shook her head as he opened the cage and pulled her out, sliding her across the floor. He began to take off his clothes, Elizabeth struggled to her feet, her arms pinned behind her back by rope. She ran to the door but the man grabbed her and pulled her towards him, she glanced down at his penis, it was huge, she had never seen anything like it. She closed her eyes as he turned her around and bent her over the cage, sliding himself inside her. Grabbing hold of her tits, he thrust his hips forward driving his cock deep into her pussy, his powerful thighs slapping against her bottom.
Elizabeth let out a muffled cry, as he reared back and slammed his dick up her again. His chest was resting on her back, pushing her breasts down against the bars of the cage that she longed to be back inside. The sound of his thighs smacking against her bottom echoed around the room and another bout of turbulence saw him lose his balance and fall back pulling her with him onto the floor. Laid on his chest, she felt his legs raise into the air, and he started thrusting beneath her, driving his huge cock into her snatch, faster and faster until her whole body started shaking. His pace began to slow, it seemed like he was getting tired. He pushed her forward onto her knees with such force, shocking her. He pushed at her back, rocking her forward onto all fours, as he knelt behind her driving his cock into her over and over. She rested her head on the floor, with her bottom arched up in the air, free to be pounded over and over by his hips. Finally, he withdrew, grunting heavily, Elizabeth felt her ass hole splashed with what she knew was his cum. She sighed lightly with relief that it was over, but it was cut short as she felt something stroking her ring, rubbing the cum around it, then entering her. She jolted forwards and tried to twist away but his finger pushed its way insider he ass. He began to thrust it back and forth until he stood up on his feet and prepared to push the tip inside her.
'What are you doing Dago?'
The man looked at the doorway, Elizabeth looked too, there was a white male stood there.
'I'm fucking this bitch,' The black man replied, 'why don't you join?'
'Dago you idiot, that is not your ass to fuck, it belongs to our client, now don't you dare put that dick in her ass or I swear to God, I will fucking kill you.'
'But, I want to fuck her ass so bad, it has never been fucked.'
'Yes Dago, that's the fucking point, if you go and break her in, then he will know won't he. And then we'll have to fly all the way back to England and find a new upper class bitch.'
'Fine Jake, but I fuck her mouth then?'
'You can do what you want, as long as she arrives the same way we picked her up. And make sure you clean her up before we get to Ghana.'
Elizabeth, completely shocked by the whole conversation, was even more taken aback by the mention of Ghana. As Dago unclasped the strap holding her gag in place she began to scream.
'Shut up bitch,' Dago roared driving his cock into her mouth.
'Go easy on her, I'm off to get some shuteye.'
It had been a long flight for Elizabeth, when Dago was finished with her he lead her out of her cage room. As she had passed through the corridor, she had noticed a few doors that looked exactly like hers, with one which was slightly ajar and inside she could see the edge of a cage.  Elizabeth was passed around the cabin from man to man, she no longer bothered with the futile attempt of resisting them, instead when they wanted to fuck her, she let them and when they wanted her to blow them she did the best job she could. There were three more men in the main section of the plane, one of which was Jake who appeared to be sleeping.
'The slut is good,' one male boasted as she wrapped her lips around his black shaft and flicked her tongue around the head.
'Look at those thighs, I want to fuck her ass so bad,' Dago shouted. 'I say we just fuck her ass now, and if they say anything about it we just kill them and keep her for ourselves.'
'You know Dago, I like that, I keep her for my own collection.' Replied the man receiving head.
'Fuck you Mogu, I fuck her first, she is mine.'
'No, I want her.' Shouted Mogu.
He rose to his feet and pushed Dago backwards, Dago was six foot four and two hundred and eighty pounds. He barely moved. Dago punched him with such force that he collapsed in a heap. The fourth man Scott, grabbed her head and urged her to blow him again now that Mogu was out cold.
'Dago fuck her ass and take her home, if Scott doesn't like, I punch him too.'
'No no, Dago, you do what you want.' Scott replied with a nervous laugh as Elizabeth continued to suck his cock.
As he began to line up his cock with her ass hole once more, Elizabeth stopped sucking and braced herself.
Suddenly there was an air deafening bang and Dago's full body weight fell onto her back and she hit the floor, Elizabeth shocked, snapped her jaw shut and fell onto her front, as she felt herself covered in blood from Dagu. She turned her head to the side and saw Jake holding a gun at Scott's head.
Scott was wailing at the top of his voice, Elizabeth didn't understand why until she noticed what she realised was the head of his cock laying on the floor beside her, she wanted to move but Dago's obviously dead body had her pinned down. There was another bang and the wailing stopped, Elizabeth began to cry. Dago's body was dragged off her and Jake pulled her down the hall and shoved her into a toilet, she looked at herself in the mirror, covered in blood. Jake turned on the taps and frantically began cleaning the blood from her body, she shivered helplessly as his hand and fingers went everywhere to get every drop of blood from her, even penetrating with his fingers to do so when needed. Finally, Jake opened her mouth and got her to swill water around, she spat it out in the sink and he pulled her back into the compartment guiding her back to her cage, she gladly got in and before he shut and locked it, he put her ball gag back in.
'You better be fucking worth this.' Jake snapped, 'and incase you have any ideas about telling your potential buyer about what happened on the way here, consider this, they will kill you if they have no use for you.'

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