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Endart Fiction - Holt and Accola - The Feud

The Feud

Celebrity Cast

Candice Accola

Claire Holt

Quietly, Candice crept across the desolate bedroom. Every now and then carefully overturning items, checking behind or beneath pieces of furniture desperate to find whatever she was looking for. Opening the wardrobe, she scoffed at the array of overly expensive clothes before her and carelessly tore her way through until she was sure it wasn't there and the carpet was multicoloured. Pausing for a moment, to compose herself, it hit her; there was a vent across the room. On one side of it a shadow was barely visible behind it as if it was slightly unhinged. Candice jolted forwards, springing onto the bed and bouncing across to the vent which she gripped in her hand she yelled out gleefully, prying it open. What she saw within forced her to cover her mouth to stop her screams from being heard within the entire flat. 
Two days ago, Claire Holt, a co-actress in a popular TV series called the Vampire Diaries had gone into her bag, stolen her phone since then been posting quotes from it on Twitter. In order to retrieve it Candice had convinced Claire's doorman to allow her entry under the pretence that she was the new maid. She had not imagined that Claire would also have left her own phone too with which she could exact revenge from. She stood for a moment, flicking through the phone, totally and utterly ecstatic.

Pleased with herself, Candice decided it was time to leave, she decided to see what clothes Claire had to offer as it was getting colder outside. She picked out a nice grey jacket that matched her skirt. And then saw a nice black one that she wanted as well.

'Oh well, I'll just take them both.' Candice announced to herself, pleased as she slipped it on.

'I don't think so!' A voice shouted.

 She was grabbed from behind.
'Hey!' Candice yelled, already knowing who it was.
'Get off my stuff!' Claire screamed.
This wasn't supposed to be, Claire was supposed to be out with Phoebe all day.
'No!' Candice screamed.

'You're going to pay for this!'
Candice felt Claire push her forwards onto the bed, she protested but was overpowered and bent forwards until she was laying on her stomach across the bed with her knees resting on the carpet. She heard and felt Claire's hand slap her bottom.
She felt it again and again.
'Oh my God Claire, stop it, you're going too far!'
Claire didn't seem to be listening, she just carried on slapping her butt ignoring her cries. Her bottom was stinging like crazy, she could feel it burning beneath her panties. Where did Claire get this insane idea to spank her from? She yelled out and with all the strength she could gather, rolled onto her front. Claire collapsed on top of her and grabbing at each other they rolled off the bed. Claire started pulling on Candice's hair until she struck her across the face and for a moment Claire stopped. Candice seeing the opportunity, crawled away to the door but Claire grabbed one of her ankles and pulled. In a desperate bid to free herself, Candice grabbed the only thing she could and Claire's stereo toppled off the top of the cabinet she clung to and smashed to the floor. Claire, overcome with fury screamed at the top of her lungs in a pitch thought impossible and grappled with Candice shaking her furiously by the throat.

As Claire's front door swung open banging into the wall they both jumped. Claire released her grip of Candice as they laid on the floor looking up at the intruder, a well dressed man who looked to be in his forties.
'What on earth is all the commotion Claire?' The business man demanded looking furious.
Candice looked at Claire and saw fear in her eyes and shivered.
'Very well then,' the man replied walking towards them, bending down he picked Claire up by the waist and tucked her under his right arm facing away from Candice, then bending again he picked Candice up in his right. Turning around he carried them out of the open door
across the corridor by three steps and through another open door. Both girls looked at each with disdain as they were carried into an unfamiliar room and thrown onto the floor. Candice watched as this strange man grabbed an office chair, rolled it across the wooden floor towards her, grabbed her, raised her to her feet and dragged her towards the chair.
'Get off me, what are you doing?'
Without a word, he sat, pulled her down over his knee, lifted her skirt, and smacked her bottom several times over her white knickers. She yelled instantly.
'Stop it this instant!' Candice cried. The man simply ignored her and roasted her buns some more.
Finally the man spoke, barking orders at Claire.

To Candice's amazement, Claire did as she was told. Candice couldn't believe what she was witnessing but didn't have long to think about it, before he started smacking her bottom again and within seconds her eyes were filled with tears and she was screaming at him to let her go. She wiggled her butt between each smack in a feeble attempt to avoid his palm but it was no use, every strike was meticulously planned to spank her in a particular area, covering her entire bottom. She was so sore. 
Finally, when it seemed like he was done, she sighed with relief and attempted to stand but felt only the pressure of his hand firmly planted on her back. He placed his fingers beneath her waistband. 
'Get off!'
She felt them slide down her thighs, past her calfs till they were dangling from her ankles and she shivered at the suddent exposure and embarrassment.
'Don't you dare look!' She screamed, 'how dare you! put them back on immediately, don't you dare look at my...!'
He struck her across her bare bottom, and repeated over and over, she started to cry once more at how sore her bottom was.
Through watery eyes, she caught a glimpse at Claire watching her getting spanked from across the room, she had expected her to be smiling, enjoying her enemy's butt getting walloped but she wasn't, she still looked scared.
After ten minutes, when her bottom felt like it was on fire, Candice felt his hand lighten against her back and she jumped to her feet.
'Ok look!' She yelled, as he rose slowly from the chair advancing on her, 'that's quite enough, you've had your fun, if you let me go now, I promise I won't say anything.'
His face was expressionless as always, never having seemed to listen to anything she said to him. He grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him, she wriggled and beat at him with her hands as he unclipped her skirt and it dropped to the floor. She looked down and was horror struck at her bare bottom half being within his eyesight, forcing her hands down to cover herself, she bent over and felt her jacket and t-shirt being raised over her head, she fought it, but soon after she was entirely naked before him, she trembled.
But, and somewhat to her relief, he didn't seem to be interested in her body and she found herself back over his knee while he stood in the middle of the room smacking her red bottom repeatedly.
'I'm so sorry!'
'Sorry doesn't turn back the clock to you interrupting my phone call with your childish behaviour does it?'
He continued for another couple of minutes, until it felt like she couldn't possibly handle any more. He stopped and pulled her onto her feet, dragging her into the corner. He grabbed her arms and lifted them, locking her heads behind her head.
'You stay there and think about your behaviour, and if you move those hands, you'll go back over.'
He then turned to Claire who had been stood obediently in the corner with her skirt raised.
'Now, missy, we have been over this behaviour many times.' He sighed, 'go and get the hair brush.'
Claire meekly walked across the room and opened a desk drawer, pulling out a large hair wooden hairbrush, she turned and walked back to him, holding the brush out.
'Take off your clothes.'
Claire slowly unbuckled the belt of her skirt, unclipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She grabbed the bottom of her sweatshirt and pulled it over her head. Naked from the waist up, she bent at the knees slightly as she cautiously pulled down her knickers, and stepped out of them. She placed her arms behind her back, holding them, and waited nervously.
He stared at her naked body, pleased she had learned not to cover herself any more when she was being punished. Candice glanced around and watched awestruck at her submission.
Place your hands on your head Claire, now I want you to count with me, we're going to do thirty.
He swung the hair brush from above his head and struck her right cheek.
'One!' Claire yelled, rocking forwards and immediately stepping back into place.
'Two!' Claire screamed, as he struck her left cheek.
'Three!' She jumped forwards again, after he hit her right again.
'Don't move or we'll do double.' He warned,
'Ow! Eight!' She yelped as he hit her a bit harder.
'Ow! Nine!'
He stepped to her left hand side and put his hand around her waist told hold onto her.
'Ten, eleven! Ow! twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty! Ow!' Claire screamed as he rapidly smacked her bottom with the hairbrush.
'Now bend over my desk and spread your legs.'
Claire whimpered over to the desk and bent down, resting her bare chest onto the piles of papers covering it. She shuffled her legs out as wide as she could and felt a breeze coming between her thighs.
He approached her from behind, she could feel his eyes on her. His hand touched her left leg and she shuddered, it stroked it's way up to between her legs but left and a second later she felt the brush smack against her bottom again.
'twenty one!'
'twenty two!'
twenty three
'twenty four! ow, please Sir.'
'You know you have six more, now hold still.'
'Twenty five!'
Claire's bottom was bright pink, she looked over and saw Candice glancing back at her. Claire gave her a scowl, this was all her fault.
'Ow! Ow! Twenty six!' Claire cried, as he hit her twice as hard.
'Ow! Twenty seven!'
'Twenty eight!'
'Twenty nine!'
'Thirty!' Claire gasped, relieved. She raised her chest off the desk, but she fell back down as she felt his hand push her down.
'I never said get up.'
She heard him unbuckle his belt and she knew he was going to have his way with her. Staring forwards she waited, and then felt him push himself into her, she knew she was extremely wet. She wanted him to fuck him, she longed for it. A couple of months ago, she had been having an argument with him about the noise she had made during a party and he dragged her into her room, spanked her and it became a regular thing. Claire began finding ways to annoy him so he would spank her as she secretly loved it and he obliged. Then one afternoon afterwards they made love and he was extremely dominating. Claire never knew she was so submissive but she would do almost anything he asked of her.
Candice's heart was racing furiously as she watched her enemy being fucked from behind over a desk. Her thoughts raced in her head about whether he would try to have sex with her too and why Claire was so submissive to him. She soon realised that Claire was actually enjoying it too from her moans of pleasure. She guiltily felt quite aroused, she shivered at the shame of it as she wondered how bad it would be if he decided she was next. She stared transfixed at his muscular thighs as the thrust back and forth, she closed her eyes and listened to the sound of his muscles slapping against Claire's red bottom and she wished it was her. She found herself dropping her right hand from her head and she placed it between her legs, as she touched herself, she found it sliding up her slit so easily, as she was gushing. She pushed both her index and middle finger inside herself and she let out a soft moan.
The thigh slapping stopped abruptly and she turned quickly to see him marching towards, she turned hopefully expecting him to lift her in the air and fuck her roughly. He grabbed her waist spun her round and smacked her bottom ten times.
'Ow, what are you..stop it!'
'I told you not to move your hands didn't I!?'
'Oh i'm sorry, I thought..'
'You're supposed to be thinking about your behaviour, not dirty thoughts.'
He smacked her bottom again and again until it was back to dark shade of pink it was before and then he repositioned her hands behind her head and went back to Claire.
He gently grabbed her arm and directed her over to the couch, he sat down and Claire straddled him, kneeling either side of his crotch. She gently lowered herself onto his cock, gently letting it ease it's way back inside her. She then began to bounce up and down on his cock, he leant forwards and buried his face between her breasts.
Candice's bottom was stinging, she desperately wanted to touch it and soothe it but she knew she couldn't. She listened to Claire's moans of pleasure and she wished it could be her instead. She hated Claire more than ever right now.
He sat up and grabbed hold of Claire's sore bottom, she winced as she continued to bounce on his long shaft, he raised her higher by lifting her by the bottom and he pushed up on his thighs and lifted her into the air. As she stood, he powerfully slammed her down onto this cock, Claire screamed with joy and pain, as he grabbed at her red behind. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and rested her head on his shoulder, breathing heavily onto his neck. As she calm down faster and faster, her eyes began to roll back and her body shivered in ecstasy as she climaxed. Slowly, he sat back down on the couch and she cuddled up to him. He placed his hand on her head and stroked the hair from he eyes, kissing her passionately.
'What is your friends name?' He whispered softly in her ear.
'She's not my friend.'
'That's not what I asked Claire.'
'Her name is Candice.'
'Candice Accola.'
'How do you know her?'
As they spoke, Candice wondered what they were talking about from the other side of the room. She was desperately fighting the urge to rub her bottom or elsewhere.
'I work with her, she's on the show.'
'...Candice come here.' He shouted across the room.
Candice not daring to drop her hands, turned slowly and walked towards them. She looked at both sets of eyes staring all over her naked body. She felt so much hatred for Claire as she smirked at her, looking so cosy snuggled up in his arms.
'Yes...Sir?' She added, feeling he would like it.
'My name is Randy, but you're right, you can call me Sir.'
Candice's legs buckled minutely, she felt so aroused.
'You interrupted a very important business call of mine today, you have caused me a lot of aggravation. I know Claire and she knows better, but we have resolved this issue now. Now I think as restitution for the pain you have caused me, that you should compensate me.'
'How do you wish me to compensate you....Sir?' Claire asked, hoping he would just grab her and fuck her.
'I think you should get down on your knee's and give me the best blowjob you can.'
A little bit disappointed, Candice obliged and dropped to her knee's, removing her hands from her head. She hoped that if she did a good job, he would reward her with sex. She moved forward on her knee's and bent over slightly, so she was hovering over his crotch and then lowered her head,  taking him into her mouth. She closed her lips around the head of his cock and turned her heads, twisting her lips around his cock. She grabbed the base in her right hand and stroked her hand up to her mouth as she flicked her tongue over the tip. She continued to gently stroke her hand up and down his shaft, as she repeatedly ran he lips back and forth over the tip of his cock, flicking her tongue with her mouth as she entered her.
She let his cock fall out of her mouth and she lifted it up and slid her tongue from the bottom right up to the tip as she stared up at him. She slid her tongue over the tip and opened her mouth covering it and dropping her lips down her shaft taking in as much as she she could. Then slowly raised her lips, up and up until she reach the head again, He moaned loudly, Claire glanced to the side and saw Claire watching, mouth open. Candice closed her eyes and slid her lips down his cock to halfway, and then rapidly flicked her tongue around his head as she sucked on his shaft. His head dropped back and he moaned loudly. Candice, sensing his pleasure, sucked harder and tried to quicken her tongue. He placed his hand on the back of her head and grabbed at her hair, she felt his hips push upwards and his cock pushed deeper into her mouth, pushing against her throat. She stopped flicking her tongue as she felt him unload inside her mouth, the warmth filling her mouth, he didn't let go of her head, she kept her lips wrapped tightly around his cock and swallowed as much of his cum as she could. When most of it was gone he released his grip and she lifted her head until his cock fell free from her mouth.
He sighed. There was a minutes silence, Candice leant back onto her calfs and sat waiting, hoping for her turn. She caught Claire's eyes who also looked eager. She could wait though, Candice was next, she'd had her go.
'Now, I want you to kiss and make up.'
They both looked at each other resentfully and then back at Randy, neither moving a muscle.
'Very well, Claire, get the hairbrush please.'
Claire was frozen, one spanking was enough for her. She sat upright and placed her hand quickly behind Candice's head and pulled her towards her. She parted her lips and kissed Candice. Candice kissed back and as her lips parted, Claire slipped her tongue inside her mouth. She felt Candice's meet her's and she gently rotated it around in her mouth, Candice, sensing the rhythm, matched it. Turning slightly to the side Claire opened her eyes to see Randy, stroking his cock.
Claire with her eyes fixed on Randy's pulled Candice's head towards his cock. She stopped kissing her for a second and lined their heads up so his cock was directly between their mouths. Then she closed her eyes and licked the tip of his cock. Candice leaned in and stuck out her tongue. Their lips met around his head and they kissed each other, flicking their tongues around his head and against each other. He placed his hands on both heads and moaned.
'Fuck me, don't fucking stop, that's...amazing.'
Claire grabbed hold of the base of his dick and began to tug on him quickly, Candice opened her eyes and saw what she was doing. She gently cupped his balls in her hand and quickened the pace of her tongue. Claire, feeling the competition matched her.
'Oh God, i'm going to cum.' He moaned.
He bucked his hips up and squirted his load into both their mouths, neither of them stopped running their tongue over his cock and they rid of every drop of cum from it, both swallowing every bit of it.


[two weeks later]

Candice danced happily to the sound of Taylor Swift's music as she cleaned Randy's apartment. She reached up high with the duster, trying to make sure that every inch of it was clean for his return. As she reached higher, her skirt shifted it's position against her bottom and she felt the sting of her bottom. Randy had given her a spanking before he had gone to work that morning but afterwards they had made hot passionate love.
'Have you done the dishes or shall I do them?' Came a voice from the kitchen.
'You do them Claire and I'll do the bathroom.'
'OK, hey I've just been thinking.'
'Oh yeah, what about?' Candice asked.
'Do you think Randy would like it if, instead of both licking his cock together, one of his did something with his balls as well?'
'We could try...we could always do both?'
'Yeah, let's do both.'
'When's he home again?' Claire asked as she began to load the dishwasher.
'He's back in twenty minutes.' Candice replied sternly.
'I hope we're done in time, I don't think my bottom can take another spanking today.'
'Tell me about it.'


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