Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Endart Poetry Part 2

Unwelcomed Challenge

When your father is feeling tired,

but you beg him too umpire,

you're shouts and bawls

and questioning his calls,

will get your bottoms on fire.

Escape Plan

If you're bored of being in the sun,

shoplifting can be quite fun,

but please be aware,

if security is there,

then grab your stuff and run.

A guide to spanking

First, you lift up her gown,

then bring her panties down,

raise your hand in the air,

and smack her bare,

then continue to go to town.

Love at first fight
I caught her trying to steal,

and so I made her squeal,

but to my surprise,

looking into her eyes,

I fell, head over heel.

Procrastination - Leading by example

When I say the report is due,
I don't mean in hour or two.
Just like how, 
I'm spanking you now, 
Not later, Is this sinking through?

Honeymoon from Hell

While you vacation here,
the rules in my hostel are clear;
Fiancee nor groom,
no boys in your room,
or i'll tan your newly wed rear.

Trial and Error
You can scold her, shout and strip her,
spank, paddle and whip her,
But i'm yet to disprove,
the best way to improve,
her manners is via my slipper.

Midnight Mischief Maids
They had worked in many a home,
Stealing wherever they'd roam,
Until this day,
They had always got away,
Now their gig was blown.

Daughters from Hell

The girls were a complete nightmare,
he'd been forced to make them wear,
clothes with a flap,
so he could slap,
there butts as much as he could bear.

Taking a chance - A one sided affair

While out for a morning run,
she saw her neighbours loved one,
bent dropping her chest,
so he saw down her vest,
Her advances, he was having none.

Feigning ignorance
Only a sub or a fool,
would ignore the golden rule,
it's on every wall,
around the hall,
you don't dive in the pool.

Family Dinner

No matter how much time has passed,
Or how much wealth she's amassed.
when at home she is sat,
at her old place mat,
her father must never get sass.

Racist Accusations

Why is your bottom being whacked?
Maybe nearly having me sacked?
or scaring your teacher,
or flashing your preacher?
The issue of irrelevance is 'black'.

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