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Fantasy Land Part 3

It had been a long month for Annalynne and her friends. After Mrs Loughlin had been informed of the escape attempt from school she had spanked her at least once a day. Why everyone just assumed it was all her fault Annalynne had no idea, Shenae and Jessica were just as to blame and they got off lightly compared to her. Annalynne had been, much to her bemusement, grounded for two more weeks than they had. However, Annalynne had learnt it was much easier, especially on her bottom, to just get on with it and do as she was least for the time being.
Today though, was Saturday 31st. This meant two things; no school... but even better than that, she was ungrounded. Jumping out of her bed wearing nothing but a smile Annalynne dragged open the curtains of her bedroom, the sunshine blinded her as it reflected off her long blonde hair. She rocked onto the balls of her feet as she ran a finger through her curls while they other reached as high as it could stretching her body. Suddenly, with a spring in her step, she hopped backwards grabbed her nightgown from the wardrobe and opened her bedroom door. She jumped two steps across the hall and opened the adjacent door.
‘Wake up Gill!’ Annalynne screamed as she slammed the bedroom door into the wall bursting into the room.
‘What?’ Gillian Zinser replied sleepily from beneath her blanket.
‘Get up you lazy bitch, it’s time to hit the waves.’
‘What time is it?’ Gillian complained.
‘nine am, get up lazy.’
‘Go away!’ Gillian shouted, slamming a pillow over her head.
‘Come on, it’s time to hit the waves.’ Annelynne replied excitedly, opening her curtains.
‘The waves will still be there at a reasonable hour, now leave me alone.’
‘I’m not going to leave you alone so may aswell...’Annalynne ripped the blanked off of her naked body and giggled ‘...just get up!’ Annalynne slapped her friend's bare bottom.
‘Ohhh!’ Gillian complained lazily, ‘fine i’ll be up in a minute.’
Satisfied with this typically unenthusiastic response from her laid back friend, Annalynne proceeded to wake up the entire house. Storming into each of the girls rooms Annalynne made sure that everyone one of them were awake before she herself decided to go and dressed. Picking out a pair of denim shorts and a pink bikini set, Annalynne imagined the fun that lay ahead of her. 

She did not predict what would happen in the kitchen.
‘What do you mean we can’t go to the beach!’ Annalynne yelled at Lori.

Lori was sat at the kitchen counter on a high stool, drinking a cup of coffee and reading a Jane Austen novel. Annalynne suspected she never read when the girls were out of the house. Feeling a little drowsy, she might have been expected to ask for a cup of coffee herself but this was one of the things Annalynne was suddenly not old enough to do despite being twenty one. Like drinking alcohol, going to parties and apparently surfing. She had only just reached the legal age for drinking and now she wasn't old enough. From what she could gather she would have to wait fourteen years to be able to drink under their laws, but that wouldn't stop her, she would find a way. Besides, she was sure that he was due home from his travels sometime shortly anyway so he would put a stop to this ridiculousness. Annalynne might even persuade him to give them a taste of their own medicine, but she doubted he would, he was too 'nice'.
‘Lower that tone young lady.’ Lori replied turning the page.
‘I’m going back to bed.’ Gillian moaned, as she shuffled back upstairs.
Annalynne thought about persuading her to stay but decided her fight was with Lori, she’d deal with Gillian after. She stared furious for a moment at Lori, flicking a page as if they weren’t in the middle of a huge arguement. Which they clearly were.
‘Lori!’ Annalynne yelled.
‘I’m warning you Annalynne, one more outburst and you know where you’ll go.’
Annalynne thought about that threat, it was not worth risking it.
‘Ok, can we at least just talk about why we can’t go to the beach?’ Annalynne asked as calmly as she could.
Lori looked up and turned to face her smiling.
‘You’re not allowed to go to the beach because there will be nobody there to watch you and i’m too busy to go today.’
‘Wha..!’ Annalynne started to shout.
‘However...’Lori waited for her to compose herself ‘if you want to go to the pool Mrs Aniston and Mrs Cox will be there and I can drop you, Jessica, Gillian and Jess off.’
‘What about me?’ Shenae asked quietly.
‘You’re not going, you’re coming with me today.’
Shenae looked mortified but said nothing.

'Is Mrs Liu going to be there at any point?' Annalynne asked anxiously, remembering their previous encounter where Lucy Liu had spanked her so hard she hadn't been able to sit down comfortably for three days.

'I have absolutely no idea,' Lori replied, 'But if you don't go, you're going to spend the day with my and I'm going to be inside all day.'
‘Fine, when can we go?’ Annalynne asked bitterly, not wanting to ruin her first day out (excluding school) in a month.
‘I’ll take you in ten minutes.’
Annalynne tried half heartedly to arouse Gillian again but she knew it was pointless, she hated the pool and only wanted to surf. Jess and Jessica were dressed and ready to go though within ten minutes and Annalynne was overjoyed, she practically skipped to the car before Lori drove them.
The girls waved sadly to Shenae who had to be dragged by her hand back to the car after Lori left them with strict orders to behave themselves.
Annalynne looked around the pool which was about as long as a basketball court, there were plenty of people there, mostly young. She spotted the two oldest women, Jennifer and Courteney sat at the far end. She motioned for Jessica Stroup and Jess Lowndes to move to a group of empty sunbeds that were slightly hidden behind a large column.
‘I think we can sneak out of here you know.’
‘What?’ Jess asked.
‘I think, if we’re careful, we can sneak out of here, grab a car and drive to the beach.’
‘I don’t know, it sounds risky to me.’ Jessica replied cautiously.
‘Oh come on!’ Annalynne protested. ‘We can’t stay here, look how boring it is.’
The girls surveyed the pool one more time, it did look immensely dull. The girls who were there were all sunbathing around the pool or laid on a lilo. Nobody seemed to be having any fun whatsoever, not to mention the distinct lack of alcohol and music.
Jess looked at Jessica, they both nodded.
The girls walked into the building attached to the pool, it contained a changing room but also it had a refreshment room where they could get frozen treats and drinks. They each grabbed an ice cream and then walked into the changing rooms. Annalynne checked it was empty before then climbing up onto a bench next to the wall and opening a large window. She popped her head out to look around. It was desolate outside, she climbed through followed by the other two.
Each of the girls walked around the car park investigating the parked cars that were scattered. They were checking for keys left in the ignition or behind the mirror, people usually left them there. After a short a while Jess whispered to the others.

Annalynne hurried over and climbed into the front passenger seat, Jessica got into the back behind her. They put their shades on and set off.
The wind whistled through their hair as they drove around the city, the girls felt brilliant, the best they had felt in months. It was great to finally get a bit of privacy. They had grown accustomed to being at school again, sometimes the work was even enjoyable, but the lack of responsibility and privacy was just too much. They were constantly being supervised and they hated it. It was so relieving to be alone for once.
 As they pulled up to the beach, the girls were delighted to see that what Lori had told them was true, there were no adults there. But that also meant, unless any other girls had sneaked to the beach like they had they were going to have it to themselves. The only shame was that they didn’t have anything to drink.
They made their way down the beach and the sand felt great against Annalynne’s feet, she stopped for a moment and buried her toes in it. She was so happy. Once they had reached a good spot they put their bags down momentarily and rubbed sun cream on. It was blistering heat and they already suspected they might have burnt slightly on the ride over, but they didn’t care.
‘Last one in is a slag!’ Annalynne screamed and then ran across the beach towards the sea.
'Oh, you're definitely the biggest slut!' Jessica screamed, as she chased her.
 ust as she was reaching the water Jessica Stroup was hot on her tail, Jess was walking quite far behind them though, not really one for sprinting. Annalynne dived into an oncoming wave, the cool water against her skin, soothing her as she was submerged. Just as her head popped up she was splashed in the face by the resulting waves of Jessica’s bomb.

'Oi you bitch!' Annalynne giggled as she splashed her back.
Jessica was about to retaliate when something caught her eye, she pointed to a walkway running out into the sea.

They watched laughing at the sight of Jess timidly entering the ocean.
‘God you’re such a girl Jess.’ Annalynne moaned as she watched Jess dipping her toe into the water reluctantly.
‘Oh, well.’ Jess sighed, not willing to indulge their teasing.
‘Just jump,’ Jessica demanded. ‘It's like ripping off a bandaid.

Jess refused to get in though, Annalynne and Jessica looked at each other menacingly and swam up to her and made to help her in. Instead, they each grabbed onto the lose thread of her bikini bottoms and pulled, yanking them off. Jess quickly flung her arms down off the side and covered herself.
Jess jumped in and gasped as she felt the cool touch of the water against her skin. She stood up, and had to cover herself still as the water only covered most of her thighs.

'Give me back my bottoms!' Jess shouted, bemused.

Annalynne threw them over her head to Jessica, who was standing behind Jess. She was furious to be the piggy in the middle, but she still chased them.
'Stop it!' She yelled as Jessica threw it back over her head just as she had reached her. She waded towards Annalynne who, being much taller than her held them up high in the air over her head. Jess jumped up and tried to grab them. Annalynne and Jessica giggled but then Jess had an idea. She bent down quickly and yanked Annalynne's bikini bottoms down to her ankles. Annalynne stood still for a moment, staring at Jess who was smiling proudly. Then, she stepped out of her bikini and bent down to pick it up, she then threw her bikini bottoms and Jess's out to sea.

'What did you do that for?' Jess shouted, before starting to wade towards them. Annalynne grabbed her waist and pulled her towards her.

'Hey,' Jess protested half heartedly, 'What are you doing?'

Annalynne unstrapped Jess's bikini top, and put her left arm around her back, stroking her hand down over her bottom.

'It's been far too long since we've been fucked, it's time we started seeing to each other.' Annalynne replied bluntly.

She then ran her right hand up Jess's thigh who leaned back acceptingly, as Annalynne ran her finger up her slit. Jessica, feeling left out waded over to the two girls and approached Annalynne from behind. She sat down between her legs and pushed a finger up inside her. Annalynne then worked two fingers inside Jess, who moaned quietly and began to work them in and out slowly, digging them deeper and deeper. She ran her fingers through her hair, and tilted her head back, bending down sticking her tongue in her mouth, kissing her passionately, while Jessica's rapidly fingered her pussy with two fingers now from beneath her.
'Ohh' Jess moaned, as Annalynne withdrew her tongue, the pace at which she was thrusting her fingers were to much for Jess and she came onto her fingers. Annalynne with drew them slowly and kissed her once more. Annalynne turned away from her to face Jessica, who stood up to face her. They kissed, Annalynne slid two fingers inside Jessica and they both held each other tightly, as they simultaneously rammed their fingers inside each other.
After a minute, Jess recovered from her orgasm and got to her feet, she came up behind Annalynne and rubbed her hands over her body, grabbing her breasts and squeezing her rock hard nipples tightly. She then ran her hand down on her back, and down her thigh, up her once more and then ran it up her bottom to her crack, then without warning pushed her index finger inside her asshole.
'OH!' Annalynne yelped, but Jess didn't remove it, instead she stepped to the side and bent Annalynne under her arm, to get a better position. Jessica had to adjust herself so that she could keep fingering Annalynne but Annalynne's fingers fell out of her, the double penetration was too much.
She squirmed between them as both girls fingered her, Jess quickening up the pace was managing to get her whole finger insider Annalynne's ass and was thrusting it quickly inside her.
'Oh God!' Annalynne screamed, she couldn't stand up on her own now, she was resting on both the girls shoulders, her arms clinging to their necks and they stood either side of her, shoving their fingers deep inside her. Jess pushed a second finger into her butt.
'Jesus!' Annalynne yelped.
Jess pushed them all the way in and then vigorously thrust them around inside her ass, Jessica felt Annalynne squirt all over her hand, she withdrew them. Jessica, didn't know she had cum and continued to finger Annalynne's ass rapidly. With no breath to protest Annalynne fell limp still, as Jess fingered her, but a minute later it was having another effect on her.
'Oh, don't stop!' she yelled to Jess.
Jessica seized the initiative and dropped to her knees, burying her face between Annalynne's legs and sticking her tongue inside her, flicking it furiously around. Almost instantly she felt Annalynne gushing of her face.
'Ohh' Annalynne moaned dropping into the water.
Jess, as if on some sort of rampage, grabbed Jessica by the waste and pulled her towards her, bending her over her outstretched right knee. Then, suddenly stuck a finger inside her ass.
'Ow!' Jessica yelped. 'No Jess, I don't do anal.'
But Jess wasn't having it, she dug it deeper into her bottom before slowly working it back and forth.
Jessica wriggled on her lap, slapping Jess's thighs, but she was stronger than her. Jess quickened, and caused Jessica to moan loudly, it was starting to become enjoyable. Until the second finger entered her, and she screamed again.
'Jess, no!' She yelled. But Jess dug her fingers deep into her ass and thrust them back and forth rapidly, Jessica began to moan again. She could feel her pussy dripping and slid her own fingers underneath her body, inside herself. Annalynne started to rouse and saw Jessica fingering her pussy and crawled over to her, Jessica not seeing her behind her moaned at the top of her voice as she felt a tongue penetrate her. It flicked all around her pussy lips and she withdrew her fingers, Annalynne pushed hers in and licked her clit as quickly as she could. Jessica's body was shaking at how fast Jess was pounding her fingers inside Jessica's ass, until moments later she erupted.
It took a while for them all to recover it but a bit later Annalynne and Jessica played around, while Jess relaxed. Normally Annalynne wasn’t really this playful, she would sooner be relaxing by the pool working on her tan, but today was different. Today was the day she had gotten of her prison and she was a free girl. Free to do whatever she long as she didn’t get caught. But she wasn’t going to.
After a short while the novelty wore off a bit, and the girls got out of the water, deciding to go and sunbathe for an hour before heading back.
They dried themselves off and cursed about getting sand all over their own towels. Annalynne swore as she tried to ring out her towel so that she could lay on it but it was no use, it wasn’t going to work.
‘We could just go back to the pool?’Jess suggested.
Annalynne thought about shouting at her for being cowardly but then she realised, they might as well if they were just going to sunbathe. The day had been so perfect, if they went back now it would limit the chances of them being caught.
‘Yeah, Ok, I think we should.’
Then Jessica remebered something that made her heart stop.
‘Didn’t Lori say that Jennie was bringing Shenae down at 12!?’
‘Oh my God!’ Annalynne screamed. ‘She did!’
Panic struck they all grabbed their things as quickly as they could, it was 11:30 now, if they set off soon they would make it, but the thought of being caught was well worth the panic.
Jess raced around at 70mph trying to get back in good time. The streets were barren as barely anyone drove in the new city. Most of the occupants would either be at work or in school anyway. By the time they had skidded to a halt outside the pool it was 11:45 and they seemed to have plenty of time. They even decided they had enough time to grab a quick ice cream from across the street before going back, it might help them with a reason of where they had been, should they need one.
They got out of the car and walked to the changing room window beaming with pride.
They climbed back in through the open window, and luckily for them the changing room was still empty. It was all going well.
‘Hey, grab a few towels Jessica, we can say we were getting them or something, it might make us look less suspicious.’
They sorted themselves out and then braced themselves to walk to the pool.
What they didn’t know, was that Jennie was already here, along with Shenae. As the girls exited the building Shenae approached them looking nervous.
‘Where have you been?’ Shenae whispered, ‘Jen and Courteney said they haven’t seen you all day.’
‘We’ve been to the beach, don’t tell anyone Shenae.’ Annalynne begged.
'What have you been up to?' Jess asked.
'Lori made me go to her work, it was sooo boring.' Shenae complained.
'Well at least you're here now.' Jessica sympathised.
'Not for long though and you two have to leave aswell, Lori wants you to finish your homework.' She informed Jess and Jessica, who weren't happy.

'At least we had the day.' Jessica sighed.

'We'd better go make sure everything's ok' Annalynne suggested, 'remember, we never left.'

Shenae was so jealous and angry that she cursed them secretly as they walked off leaving her standing there alone. They got to go out and have fun and she'd been stuck inside all day bored out of her mind, where was the justice? Sure they pretended to care but she knew deep down they didn't, as lon as they were happy, that's all the mattered.
She watched as they got to a sun bed and unfolded their things. She saw Jennie Garth, Jen and Courteney come storming over to them. They argued for a few minutes, Annalynne kept pointing to the changing rooms and to her ice cream. It was obvious what she was saying, that they’d been in there all this time enjoying their ice creams and now they were coming to the pool. The most annoying thing about it was that they had gotten away with it. They celebrated.
 It made Shenae’s blood boil. It was at that point that she was approached by Ashley Benson, a girl in her class a school.
 ‘Hey, Shenae, where have they been? I know they haven’t been in the changing rooms all day.’
 Shenae thought about her options.
‘Alright but you didn’t hear it from me, they’ve been to the beach all morning.’
‘What really?’ Ashley asked, excited about what that meant. ‘No way! Oh they are going to be in so much trouble!’ Ashley giggled.
‘You didn’t hear it from me remember!’ Shenae whispered sternly.
‘Well..I might accidentally let it slip though.’
‘Don’t!’ Shenae begged. It had been a moment of weakness, like doing a deal with the devil, Ashley was a nightmare. Shenae hated her and her friends.
‘I suppose I would make extra sure I didn’t say anything, if...well...’
‘What...just tell me what you want Ashley.’
‘You became my bitch.’
‘You heard me.’
‘I’m not being your bitch.’ Shenae replied. ‘What does that even mean?’
‘It means, you’re going to do my homework, take the blame when i’ve done something wrong and you’re going to come into the changing rooms with me right now and lick my pussy or i’m going to tell the adults that they’ve been to the beach all day and it was YOU who told me.’
‘No way!’
‘Oh Mrs Aniston!’ Ashley shouted loud enough for her to hear.
‘Yes Ashley?’ Jennifer asked.
‘No please! I’ll do whatever you want!’ Shenae whispered.
‘I saw Annalynne and her friends climb out of the changing room window and drive to the beach this morning, that’s where they have been all day.’
‘I knew it!’ Jennifer screamed, ‘Courteney, they’ve been at the beach!
‘Jennie has taken the other two home,’ Courtney shouted, grabbing a firm hold of Annalynne. 'I said i would drop this one off when me and Ashley leave. I’ll call her and let her know.’
‘I’ll deal with Annalynne,’ Jennifer stated, walking over to her and grabbing her arm, pulling her to one side. She bent her over and raised her hand.
Annalynne tried to put on a brave face and smile for the rest of the girls all stood watching but when that hand connected with her ass she screamed, and tried to run. Jen grabbed her quickly, pulled down her bikini bottoms, sat on a wall bending her over her knee and began to smack her bare ass repeatedly.
The sound echoed around the pool along with Annalynne’s cries.
Shenae watched guiltily as she felt a hand running up her dress, feeling her thigh, working its way into her knickers, sliding up her pussy, she shuddered.
‘Stop!’ She whispered to Ashley.
Ashley gave her a smack of her own to her bottom. But it couldn’t be heard over the sound of Jennifer spanking Annalynne as hard as she could.
Ashley grabbed Shenae and dragged her into the changing rooms over to a bench, she pulled her over her knee, lifted up her dress and at a very gentle pace, smacked her bottom.
‘Stop!’ Shenae moaned.
‘Bitch, be quiet. You will learn to be a good bitch.’ Ashley warned her, then pulled down her knickers. She stared down at her bare bottom and parted her cheeks getting a good look at her ass hole which she became transfixed with, she pushed her finger against it.’
‘N..’Shenae started to protest but before she could, it had slid in to her very tight hole.
‘OW!’ Shenae jumped on her lap and tried to wriggle off, Ashley let her but kept hold of her arm, Shenae was knelt in front of her rubbing her sore ring.
Ashley, stood up and pulled down her bikini shorts, before sitting back down and spreading her legs.
‘Eat me bitch.’
Shenae was reluctant, but Ashley grabbed her head and pulled her towards her pussy, Shenae stuck out her tongue a closed her eyes.
‘mmmmm that’s it bitch, lick my pussy.’ Ashley moaned leaning back against the wall.
Meanwhile, Jennie had received a very interesting phone call from the pool, after putting the phone down she had marched upstairs into Jessica’s bedroom where Jess and Jessica were talking and grabbed Jess pulling her straight over her knee without any explanation. But none were necessary, they knew straight away they’d been caught.
Jessica could do nothing but sit on the bed and wait for her turn, she knew it was pointless. One way or another her ass was getting beat and she may as well take her punishment now than get double if she ran. Jennie had a very powerful swing too, she really made Jess’s bottom sting with every smack. Jessica flinched at every time it connected.
‘I’m sorry!’ Jess yelled after a couple of minutes.
‘Ha!’ Jennie laughed. ‘If you’re apologising already young lady, you’re going to struggle through this.’
Jennie then began hitting her bottom even harder, looking down she could see Jess’s bottom was getting very red, very soon but that didn’t deter her. She spanked on time not on results. After five minutes Jess began to sob, which turned into crying and then wailing at a volume which was unimagineable. It came as somewhat of a relief to Jennie when the ten minute marker came and she let Jess up and sent her to the wall.
It was Jessica’s turn. But just as Jennie was calling her over, Lori walked in. Jennie explained the situation to her, Lori was livid. She decided that Jess’s bottom didn’t look nearly red enough and ordered her to come with her, Jess looked horrified but left the room.
 Jessica found her way over Jennie’s lap for the second time that week, she dreaded the first spank and then it came, she winced.

Annalynne’s bottom was now practically glowing, she had sworn, begged and pretty much tried everything but Jennifer only hit her harder.
Finally, she let up and Annalynne dropped to the floor. Jennifer looked down with a note of satisfaction on her face as she admired Annalynne red bottom staring up at her.
‘If you ever try anything like this again young lady, you’ll think that was nothing.' Jennifer warned. While they waited for Annalynne to be collected, Jennifer and Courtney took turns in having her perform oral sex as they lay on their sunbeds. It wasn't for another thirty minutes did someone finally arrive.
‘Come on you,’ Sara demanded, giving cause for Annalynne to withdraw her tongue from Courtney, ‘I can’t believe you. Again!’
Sara hit her on the bottom as Annalynne was walking next to her and Annalynne must have jumped ten yards in front.
‘Where is Shenae?’ Sara asked when she caught up with her.
‘I don’t know.’ Annalynne mumbled.
‘What?’ Sara shouted raising her hand.
‘I don’t know, I don’t know!’
Sara looked around the pool, there were plenty of girls there all staring, but not Shenae. Why couldn’t Annalynne be like all these other girls, there were all perfectly well behaved. If only she would, Sara hated having to spank her.

‘Wait here.’ Sara demanded walking into the changing rooms. Annalynne turned around and saw everyone staring at her, she was so humiliated. Her ass stung like crazy but she put on a brave face.
‘Ohh i’m cumming!’ Ashley squeaked as she grabbed hold of the back of Shenae’s head and pulled her face into her pussy. ‘Ooooohhh!!!’
Her leg quivered and bucked as she spasmed, her juices dripping from Shenae’s mouth as she pulled her face away looking disgusted.
‘Shenae? Are you in here?’ A distant voice called.
‘I’m..I’m getting changed.’ She called back, looking panicked. Ashley didn’t seem to care.
Shenae got to her feet and pulled her dress off just before Sara walked in.
‘Oh there you are.’ Said Sara, she looked at a young blonde girl with her legs spread and her vagina casually on display. ‘Someone else’s problem’ She thought. ‘Come on, get dressed we need to go home.’
As Shenae left the changing rooms, she looked back and saw Ashley mime something but she could only make out the last few words. YOU'RE MY BITCH
‘Oh God’ she thought.

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