Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Spanking Poetry

Many thanks to the much missed Endart for the artwork, would be a shame for them to disappear. Thus, my attempt to keep them alive, hoping they have been put to good use in honour of the talent that once was. The limericks are created by yours truly but I would happy to include any submissions as long as they include an endart drawing or perhaps some of other extinct artist we wish to keep alive.

Little Miss Naughty
Well renowned for being haughty,

today she was downright naughty,

she went over the knee,
giving the usual plea;

'For heavens sake, I am nearly 40'.

Teatime Tantrum
A woman who looked quite abashed,

stropped near a plate she had smashed,

unable to go shopping,

the tantrum, no stopping,

until she was soundly thrashed.

The Curfew
What time do you call this?
Is it not two hours late?
You know if there's one thing,
it's tardiness I hate.

But I have told you before,
you know this, do you not?
Surely, little miss,
you do not want your bottom hot.

As I bring my hand down,
much to my surprise,
I detect a hint of pleasure,
gushing between your thighs.

I think you provoked me,
for some firm handed affection.
If this is your will,
I shall burden your correction.

The Secretary
Her manner was rather rude,

she would often sulk and brood.

I was shocked to see,

while over the knee,

how soon she changed her mood.

The Biker
I'd never seen anything like her,

such a wild and angry faced biker,

it brought me much pleasure,

to whip out the leather,

bend her over and strike her.

The Cheerleader
The girl did not cheer,

in fact, you could only hear,

the sound of her crying,

as she was lying,

over him, struck with fear.

How could something so pure,

spout language that would abhor.

As soon as my brush,

walloped her tush,

she sweetly began to implore.

A girl with a bottom dark red,

knelt before the man she had wed,

she felt that her words,

just wouldn't be heard,

so she unzipped his pants instead.

As she stood bare bottomed reflecting,

she could hear his hand connecting,

with the sound of each whack,

she would wince and look back,

at her future that they were projecting.

She asked for it to occur,

but the man began to infer

their deflowered rose

happened under her nose

So next it would have to be her.

My bath is supposed to be clean,

so if within it you are to be seen,

legs spread and engaged,

I'll be so enraged,

I'll whoop you like a bad teen.

Rescuing them from the rubble,

they decided to burst their bubble,

superman and the bat,
simultaneously sat,

and spanked them for all of their trouble.

When playfully trying to charm her

she began to cause quite a drama,

so he took her downstairs,

and belted her bare,

informing her it was karma.


At first she thought she was clever,

until he produced the leather,

he belted her rotten

then palmed her bottom,

the repeat, she hoped would be never


She knew it unwise to implore,

but her bottom was just so sore,

and for this infraction,

there was no subtraction,

instead she had earned fifty more.

His face a vacant glare,

didn't detect the wear and tear,

his cane broke in two,

before he knew,

he had a whooped her bottom bare.

Seen by the angry park ranger,

she argued while he restrained her.

For ignoring the sign,

she would have to whine,

as he lectured her on the danger.


It has to be understood,

he was as rich as any man could,

but his wife Eloise

was such a big tease

he just had to wallop her good.


Though her attitude did totally stink

the brat never paused to think,

she was soon to learn,
that her bottom could turn

a whole new shade of pink

So defiant was her kin,

her patience had now worn thin,

over she went, 

until she was spent,

and the sobbing did begin.

Until one of them was seized

They did very much as they pleased.

They watched in shock,
as he lifted her frock

soon all were over their knees.

Two brats saw it was snowing,

made snow balls and started throwing,

struck a man in the face,

and one below the waist,

then both their bottoms were glowing.

She was carrying not one but four,

inevitably they dropped to the floor,

with the up most haste,

he grabbed her waist,

and spanked her till she was sore.  

Although she spoke quite polite,

and her dress was perfectly right,

the things that she said,

about finding a bed...

we don't allow ladies of the night.

When your smacks have only inflamed,

it's not you who has to be blamed,

neither sorry nor scared,

they have to be bared,

in order for them to be tamed.

All the men stopped to admire, 

the tease in skin tight attire,

the instructor then snapped,

and all the men clapped,

as he set her bottom on fire.


A bully who thought she was tough,

stormed through the door in a huff,

it took only one swat,

to see she was not,

but one was far from enough.

Though deaf from ear to ear,

the cracks even he could hear,

he leaned in as she yelped
his whisper much helped

'your mother is next my dear.'

To describe it she was at a loss

the bitch spanked by a man so cross,

but she didn't take care

of her own customers hair,

and so landed right next to her boss.

At noon he opened his door,

his wife waited, dressed like a whore,

she looked a delight,

but it wasn't quite right,

she thought he'd be gone till four.

A woman who tends to wear pants,

often raves and rants,

a trip over the knee,

is often the key,

to ending her irritable chants.

A girl in small denim shorts,

always needs to be taught,

if they dress like a bitch,

then they'll get the switch,

till they learn to dress as they ought.

You asked if it makes you look fat,

and before I could answer that,

you whipped out the claws,

for a momentary pause,

so I've caned you for being a brat.

They had planned a little hoax,

knowing he hates practical jokes,

they spelt out through cheer,

the principal's queer

and now they're taking his strokes. 

You wouldn't believe the youth of today,

the things they will do and say,

the problem is clear,

they've neglected the rear,

if only I had it my way.

Maybe you weren't sure what we meant,

by the money with which we had sent,

spend only if you must,

you've now broken our trust,

now prepare my dear to repent. 

If your lesson she's decided to shun

after you've roasted each bun,

then Sir you must rush,

and grab a hairbrush,

there is yet much work to be done. 

The mission had not gone to plan,

receiving an unnatural tan,

on the positive side,

she had a tough hide,

from being spanked by her man.

Madame could you please wait there,

While I wallop your daughter bare,

and I'd show some respect, 

for your turn is next,

as she was under your care.

The art model let out a groan,

had stepped out to answer the phone,

now she was lost

and a teacher was cross

so over his knee she was thrown.

Round and round they go,

look how their bottoms glow,

but don't be sad,

for they've been bad,

you reap just what you sow.


  1. Enjoyed your poetry; lots of fun! Good to see Endart's stuff again; I've preserved some of it but not all as I didn't have access to all his galleries when his site was still up. The last drawing, by the way, almost has to be based on an old Tom and Jerry cartoon in which Jerry spanks three young cats in much the same manner.

    1. Thanks very much, I had not seen that episode before but having since watched it I have to agree it is quite similar.