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Fantasy Land - 90210 Chronicles - Part 5

90210 Chronicles - Part 5


Elle Macpherson

Jennie Garth

Megan Fox

Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson

Gillian Zinser

Lori Loughlin

Kaley Cuoco

Shenae Grimes

Jessica Stroup, Annalynne Mccord and Jessica Lowndes

Pamela Anderson

Ashley Tisdale

Miley Cyrus

Gillian felt the gentle breeze on her skin as she laid on top of her board, the waves splashing her body every now and then cooled her skin from the high temperature. She closed her eyes and tried to drown out the boring instructions being given from Elle Macpherson. She had tried to explain to her that she was a competent surfer and that she could easily stand up and ride the waves that were forbidden to her but she wouldn't listen. She watched with envy as the older women in the distance surfed freely, laughing and high fiving each other. It killed her that she would have to wait eight years before she could graduate from this pointless surfing for beginners class. She realised that after a moment that she had drifted slightly away from the group and was heading towards the forbidden territory, with Elle completely unaware of her movements. Gillian seized the opportunity and began to propel herself towards the waves, a minute later, she reached the first wave and held on to her board tightly, then jumped into the air and landed on the board with expert timing, she swivelled the board to meet the wave, and as the wind soared through her hair and bit her face she felt alive. She glided across the eight foot wave with a smile that stretched from ear to ear, she could hear cheers from the other women that surrounded her, she knew not whether they knew her age, or that they didn't care but neither did she. When the wave collapsed, she paddled forward once more to meet the next one, this one slightly bigger and reached it's peak, expertly manoeuvring her board through it once more.
As the wave began to collapse, her heart dropped as she spotted Elle swimming furiously towards her, she aimed her board away from her and laid back on her front, as the wave collapsed it propelled her forward into a quick escape from Elle, she quickly began to kick her legs and propel herself forward with her arms, looking back every now and then to see Elle in pursuit, screaming at her to stop.
When she reached the shore, she reluctantly threw her board onto the sand and ran across the beach, Elle followed her, chasing her across the sand. Gillian weaved in and out of girls laid on the sand sunbathing, most of them disturbed by her as she covered them with sand in her wake, soon, almost every pair of eyes were following her to see if she could escape her the pursuitors. For now, Elle had been joined by various volunteer life guards scattered around the beach, all determined to catch her.
When it looked as though she was in the clear, with her eyes fixed upon the car park filled with easily accessible escape cars, something collided with her legs and she toppled head first into the sand. She rolled onto her front, her bikini top caught up in the sand slid over up her chest, her first reaction was to pull it down but it slowed her attempts to get back to her feet and she felt arms gripping around her body. Within seconds, she felt her stomach crush upon the firm platform of someones knee, her bikini bottoms were yanked down her thighs, and she felt a stinging pain on her bottom.

'Oh my God, that was so funny!' Annalynne squealed from across the beach.
'That was so cruel, I can't believe Kaley did that!' Jessica Lowndes complained.
'What! That was amazing!' Annalynne giggled.
'Oh come on,' Jess Stroup replied, 'she nearly got away, there was no need at all!'
'She is so annoying though...'
'Ne uhh, I love Gill.' Replied Jess.
'Oh come on, she is soooo boring.'
'Yeah but even so, we should be looking out for each other.' Jessica replied meekly.
'I don't know, some girls, I don't mind it happening too.'
'Oh my God, have you seen Elle in her bikini, if it were up to me over forties shouldn't be able to wear them.'
The other two giggled.
'Wow, they're really spanking her.' Jess observed.
'Ohh I love the feeling of being at the ocean,' Annalynne exclaimed laying her head back onto the rolled up towel she had fashioned into a headrest. 'It totally turns me on.'
'Ew, Annaylnne.' Jess remarked. 'Suddenly I feel sea sick.'
'Oh I know but it's been so long since I've been banged I'm just so frustrated. All I can think of is rock hard abs and thighs that have driven countries to war.'
'Whoever went to war over thighs?' Jess questioned.
'If there was someone here, I do them right here right now, I don't care who's watching.'
'Oh hey Shenae,' Jessica greeted, as she Shenae walked over to them looking anxious.
'Have you seen what's happening to Gill?' Annalynne pointed, 'She is so lame.'
'Oh..yeah...' Shenae glanced over her shoulder, 'listen I have to tell you something.'
'What's wrong?' Jess asked concerned.
'It's...it's my fault that you got caught skiving school.'
'I knew it!' Annalynne yelled, getting to her feet.
'Please...just hear me out!'
'No why should I!?'
'Because, I told Ashley in my class about it and she told Jennifer, remember, she was the one who told on you. I know I shouldn't have told her but I didn't think she would tell Jen but she did!'
'You stupid bitch!' Annalynne hissed.
'We got spanked every day for three weeks because of you!' Jess shouted.
'I know I'm so sorry and I know I've got no right to ask you this but...I need your help.'
'....you can't be serious..' Annalynne laughed, though it was fake.
'You don't understand, Ashley has been blackmailing me, telling me that she will tell you the truth if I don't do whatever she says but now...she has pictures.'
'Pictures...?' Jessica asked curiously.
'Embarrassing pictures...'
'...like?' Annalynne asked, her attention caught.
'Of me doing things...embarrassing.'
'If you want my help Shenae, you had better spit it out.'
'Sexual things.'
'O..M...G!' Annalynne giggled. 'No, i'm not going to help you, it's your own fault, you deal with it.'
'Please don't do this to me.'
'Oh I'm sorry, I don't speak skank, maybe I could find an interpreter?'
'But..she told on you! You can't let her get away with that! Please, I'm so sorry!'
'She has a point, 'Jess intervened. 'you're Annalynne Mccord and you don't let people treat you like that.'
'Yeah, Annalynne, it's Ashley who got us caught, she needs to be taught a lesson.'
'I want to but, I'm so angry with Shenae I think she actually deserves it.'
'Think about it, Ashley thinks she can taddle on you and get away with it!' Jessica argued.
'Skank..leave us alone, we need to talk about this.'
Shenae walked away and sat by herself.
'What do you think?' Jess asked.
'I'm thinking, for payback to Shenae, we make her our bitch. I think she it's what she deserves, she caused us endless amounts of punishment it's only fair that she should make up for it.'
'True.' Replied Jess.
'And...I'm thinking it's time to get some revenge from the bitch that told on us and abused one of our own.'
'That's what I like to hear.' Jess nodded excitedly, to the approval of Jessica.
They sat and plotted for the next hour or so, during which time Gillians bottom had turned bright red and she was laying on the sand with her head between Elle's legs.

'Ew, have you seen what Ciara's wearing?' Annalynne remarked, as she passed them, 'I wouldn't use that rag to clean my bathroom.'
'I know, it's so awful.' Agreed Jessica Lowndes.
'Ok Shenae, we've decided,' Annaylnne remarked as she approached the girls with Jess, 'we've decided that we're going to help you, even though you're a awful little skank and we all hate you.'
'..OK?' Shenae replied.
'We've decided that you're going to trick them into somewhere quiet and then three of us are going to teach them a lesson they'll never forget. You never mess with the girls of 90210.'

Later that day, Annalynne, Jessica and Jess were hiding in the darkness of the surfing supplies store room at the back of the beach waiting for Shenae to lure them into the building.
'Oh my God, I can't wait to have one of these skanks between my legs.'
'Annalynne, you're a skank.'
'I am not a skank!' Annalynne protested, laughing, 'It's not healthy to go this long without having sex.'
'Shh!' Jess hissed from the doorway.
The girls stepped back and crouched down.
'....then you're going to lick Vanessa out Shenae and after that you can see to Selena too and if you do a good job bitch, I might not even spank..HEY!'
Annalynne had sprung out as they entered the building and grabbed Ashley, dragging her to the side of the room, Jessica grabbed Vanessa and Jess grabbed Selena, the only one left was Miley, who wasn't sure what to do.
As she wrestled Ashley to the floor and ripped off her clothes, Annalynne noticed the spare girl standing in the doorway near Shenae.
'..who's she?'
'Miley Cyrus.'
'Oh yeah I've heard of that skank..Oi! don't you dare touch my hair!' Annalynne yelled furiously, slapping Ashley's bare bottom several times as she pinned her beneath her. 'Did she have anything to do with it?'
'...well...she's a bitch too, but she's been bullying my friend.'
'Well, what are you waiting for.' Annalynne asked.
Shenae advanced towards Miley, who tried to block her advances. They wrestled for a moment while the girls each continued spanking the bare bottoms of their captives. Miley though, was stronger and when she got the chance she leapt to her feet and ran out of the store room.
'Oh...my....God...' Annalynne yelled in between smacks. 'SHENAE!'
In her anger, Annalynne furiously continued smacking Ashley's now glowing bottom harder and harder, who was crying desperately for her to stop.
'PLEASE!' She begged, 'I'm so sorry! I'm sorry I told on you!'
'Oh, you'll be sorry, you've got a lot of making up to do.' Annalynne hissed, she rolled her over onto her front and pushed her head back on the sand. Then knelt either side of her ears and leaned forwards so her pussy smothered her face.
'Not eat my pussy!' she screamed, wiggling her hips, spreading her lips over her face. When she felt her tongue slide inside her, she put her hand on top of Ashley's head and rolled onto her back, so Ashley was between her, licking her pussy. She rolled her head to the side and saw Selena from the chest down sat with her back to wall of store room, with Jess's bare bottom staring her in the face as she stood forcing Selena's head to her crotch. She rolled to the other side and saw behind Shenae watching them from the doorway, Jessica sat on top of a pile of surfboards, with Vanessa knelt between her legs buried in her snatch.

BANG..the storeroom door crashed open. Annalynne turned, lifted her upper body off the floor with her arms and saw Kaley Cuoco, Ashley Tisdale and Megan Fox marching towards them. Ashley Greene quickly got up and ran to the other side of the storeroom.
'Oh hey Kaley,' Annalynne greeted, getting to her feet.
Kaley didn't say anything but grabbed her by the wrist.
'What are you doing!' Annaylnne shouted, as Kaley pulled her over to a pile of surfboards that were at waist height. 'Get off me!'
Kaley's body was considerably larger than Annalynne's who was mostly skin and bones, so it was no trouble for her to pull her over her knee and pin her there with ease. She quickly began to smack her bottom.
'Get off!' Annaylnne screamed as Kaley beat her bottom with her hand.
She could hear Jess and Jessica shouting in the background, they too were being spanked by these girls.
'Why are you doing this!' Annalynne cried, as her bottom began to sting unbearably.
But Kaley didn't reply, she carried on painting her bottom red.
Annalynne screamed her name over and over until finally she answered.
'What do you want?' Kaley asked angry to be interrupted.
Kaley resumed spanking her..
'What?' She paused.
'Stop spanking me!' Annaylnne cried.
'Oh, is that what you want?' Kaley asked, relaxing in her seat slightly.
'Yes!' Annalynne cried, slightly relieved.
'Well..no then.' Kaley continued smacking her bare bottom.
After five minutes of firm spanking to each bottom, during which time Vanessa, Ashley, Miley and Selena had taken it in turns to smack Shenae's bottom for telling Annalynne, Kaley stopped and shoved her pussy in Annalynne's face.
'What you didn't know, slut, is that Kaley is the queen and Annalynne is nothing compared to her and when you thought you were safe hiding behind her, what you didn't realise was, they were in more trouble than you.'
Shenae, watched horrified as she lay on her front still being spanked by the group of girls as Annalynne, her last hope knelt in front of Kaley licking her out on her own accord. The quick movement of her head bobbing up and down between her thighs horrified Shenae as she realised that Annalynne was trying to do her best by Kaley, so she was truly submitting.
'Who's my bitch?' Kaley asked, raising her head from her pussy for a moment.
'...I am.' Annalynne replied nervously, wiping her mouth.
'That's right slut.' Kaley replied with a wry smile, shoving her head back between her legs.
'Ashley, grab my dildo out of my bag.'
She did as she was told, bringing it straight to Kaley. Kaley got to her feet, removing Annalynne's tongue from her dripping lips.
'Line them up on all fours.' Kaley demanded.
Megan and Ashley Tisdale took each of the girls from their knees and placed them on all fours so their butts were stuck up in the air. Kaley also dragged Annalynne. As they faced the wall, they didn't know what Kaley was doing, but Megan and Ashley Tisdale were securing the dildo to her waist, as a strap on. They heard the sound of a squirting bottle, like the sound ketchup makes. Then a few seconds later, Jessica Lowndes something pushing against her butt, within a split second, she felt it push inside her.
'Oh! God!' Jessica yelped as it slid inside, she fell to the floor, but the girls lifted her up pulling her by her stomach. Kayler squatted over her ass and pushed deeper inside of her, slowly pumping the dildo into her butt.
Then, bending and straightening her legs she quickly began to pump the dildo up and down inside her ass, Jessica moaned over and over again as she drilled her. Kaley grabbed her Jessica's face and turned her towards her, staring into her fearful eyes as she fucked her in the ass.
'Shenae, come over here and lick my pussy.' Kaley ordered, turning back to face her.
Shenae instantly obeyed, she got to her knees and rested her hands on Jessica's bottom, then tilted her head and tried to lick her pussy as he pussy flew up and down pumping the dildo into Jessica's bottom, it was hard to keep up with her movements but she tried as hard as she could, eventually, Kaley grew frustrated and let go of Jessica's head and pushed Shenae's face into her pussy, holding it in place as she thrust the dildo into Jessica's asshole.
'Ohh. Yes!' She moaned, before turning to the other girls, 'there's more in my bag you know.'
Instantly the girls ran to the bag and pulled out dildo's in all shapes and sizes, attaching them round their waist. Ashley Tisdale rolled Jessica Stroup onto her side and shoved her dildo into her butt, and roughly began to slam it inside her, despite her protestations. Megan lifted Annalynne onto her feet and bent her over slightly resting her arms on the wall, she grabbed hold of her hips and guided her dildo into her ass, and fucked her where she stood.
Shenae was most unfortunate, finding her self bent over, licking Selena out while Ashley slowly pushed her dildo into her very tight ass hole from behind. Vanessa feeling left out, decided to smack her very red bottom over and over until it was her turn.

BANG the door slammed open. Kaley turned quickly to see Elle Macpherson, Lori Loughlin, Pamela Anderson and Jennie Garth standing in the doorway looking furious.
'I..' Kaley started.
Lori and the other women wasted no time in grabbing all those involved and dragging them all out of the storeroom by the ear, some with two ears each. Within seconds, more women had come over, having noticed that something was terribly wrong. After the situation was briefly explained, each girl found in the store room found themselves over a knee, having their bottom smacked no matter how red it was already.
After they were thoroughly spanked, each girl was questioned extensively about who supplied the illegal sex toys for this alleged orgy which it was assumed to have been. None of the girls owned up to anything and none of them told on any of the other.
For the rest of the afternoon the girls were punished by staying with the adult who spanked them, pleasuring them when called upon and serving them drinks as they say and sunbathed. Occasionally, when they reminded themselves of how angry they were, each adult would top up their girls bottom.
Though Kaley wailed like a punished brat, she was at least joyful at having secured herself some new bitches, confirmed by their silence during their interrogation.
As Shenae knelt between Lori's legs licking her pussy, she couldn't help but wonder if anything was ever going to work in her favour.

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